Like other reviewers, we are extremely happy with our kitchen and, in particular, Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens’ willingness to incorporate existing cabinets in such a way as to create a unified whole. In addition, we can now comment on Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens’ willingness to engage with difficulties that subsequently arose in the kitchen, even though the difficulties were in no way Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens’ responsibility.

Just before last Christmas, our combi boiler developed a fault requiring an on-site repair by the manufacturer, and we were advised that they would probably insist upon greater access than was currently possible. Faced with the prospect of a non-functioning boiler over the Christmas/New Year period, I phoned Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens on 19th December for advice.

I was conscious of the fact that everyone is always very busy just before Christmas, and also that it was two years since they had completed the kitchen refurbishment and that the boiler
housing had never been part of their remit in the first place. However, Rob came round within hours, and dismantled part of the existing boiler housing so that the boiler could be repaired before Christmas.

Of course, it was obvious that we would need a modified access arrangement to avoid this happening again. Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens were very happy to take this on, and James produced some neat modifications to enable any future repairs to be easily carried out.

In our experience, it is extremely unusual for a company to put themselves out to this extent, particularly for a problem that is not of their making. We can’t thank them enough!