Absolutely delighted with the service and the product from Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens.

The design phase did take a couple of weeks but it was 100% worth the wait. “A kitchen should last 20 years and is the most expensive room in your house, so why the rush?” This was sage advice from Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens and just what we needed as an antidote to the pressure to ‘act now’ and ‘buy cheap’ that we got everywhere else we went to.

Indeed their personalised guidance and expertise on materials, colours and layout were very welcome and the company patiently took time to understand our desire for something ‘on-trend’ that nevertheless had enduring appeal and made use of natural and eco-friendly materials. Also unlike most, our requests for bespoke bits of design such as curves and custom shelving did not phase them. However, the superb quality of their designs really shone through when the detailed full colour renders (far better than we got from another provider) of how the finished kitchen would look, came through.

Their vision was absolutely spot on. From that moment on, there was no going back. In fact it was plain sailing – pricing was clear and all phases from ordering to delivery were well managed and executed on time. The kitchen is a delight to use and guests are constantly being wowed by the look of it. We are so glad we chose the right provider and would encourage others looking for something a bit special, a bit different, or just for a more ethical and personable approach, to give them a try.