Miyuki, Crookes

I had a couple of quotes for our kitchen project long time ago, but we didn’t go ahead. When I saw Sheffield Sustainable Kitchen’s website, I had a good feeling about them: their philosophy (using sustainable materials), design. After a couple of meetings, I decided to go ahead with them without comparing with other companies, which was risky. Why? They don’t do hard-sell, instead show you a lot of options. You can tell they have a good professional relationship with sub-contractors such as a surveyor, builder and electrician. You can communicate with them anytime throughout the project, even after the project. There was a delay due to a shortage of particular floor boards, but it was nobody’s fault and they kept me up-dated, so no frustrations. I’d thought that it was going to be a very stressful process, but it turned out a really interesting experience for us. Downside of Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens would be the fact that we won’t need them for at least 10 years even if we want to see them again because of the quality of our kitchen…

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