We count the day that we decided to act on an advert we’d seen a local magazine and ask Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens to quote for a bespoke fitted desk as one of our very best in terms of that difficult area of “finding reliable people to do good work in the house”.

Since then, they have not only fitted a beautiful desk with a local ash work surface, but also helped us when we were let down terribly by a joiner working on a wall of wardrobes and drawers in a bedroom. Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens rescued us, finally producing a set of wardrobes and drawers with an integral dressing table which is really lovely, especially given what they had to work with at the beginning!!

We are now starting a similar project in another bedroom, but this time Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens will start from scratch!

We cannot speak highly enough of their professional approach to every job. The workmanship by all their people – both directly employed and contracted – and the customer care throughout are all excellent. They are adaptable too – if you, or they, suddenly realise some change might be better, they will do everything they can to accommodate it if at all possible and nothing is too much trouble either during the project or afterwards. They are always happy to follow up.

In addition to all the above, you have the security, confidence and satisfaction of knowing that you are (1) working with a really nice, friendly, helpful set of people; (2) everything they do is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible and they will accommodate all sorts of requests or suggestions you may have in those respects; (3) the work is to a very high standard and if you aren’t happy with something, it will be sorted out; and (4) the company is run in an ethical way in terms of the work they do and the way they treat their staff, their suppliers and their customers. The quote is always completely transparent and fair and they can do a range of options to accommodate your budget. They try to do the right thing at every level of their business and it shows. More companies should operate this way.

We have been delighted with Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens and we feel sure that anyone choosing to use them for any project will not be disappointed.