Absolutely delighted with my new bespoke solid pine kitchen cabinet with oak slab doors! I originally asked SSK to quote for making a cabinet the full width of my (tiny) kitchen, and considerably taller than stock sizes from generic kitchen suppliers, because in such a tiny kitchen the space lost by having stock sized units, with all the double-thickness sides where they join each other, and annoying gaps of wasted space inside, is considerable. Additionally, there is only one base unit in my kitchen, under the sink, and unless I got rid of the dishwasher or the fridge there is nowhere to put drawers as standard stock sized wall cabinets don’t have drawers, so I wanted drawers at the bottom of my bespoke cabinet. Olly came to have a look after I’d e-mailed really basic, crude, sketches of my ideas and I was delighted that Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens were not only willing to take this project on but also to suggest small refinements to it, with the result that I have a beautiful bespoke cabinet, which looks modern and clean-lined, and hidden behind the full height slab doors I have drawers, short shelves for cups, mugs and glasses and tall shelves for larger crockery, no internal dividers at all and as a result a huge amount of extra space. At last all of my crockery is in the kitchen, rather than the less-used items living in plastic crates in the pantry, and my cutlery no longer hogs a shelf at bottom of a cupboard, but has proper drawers with inserts to keep it all in.
Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens offered to make a matching door for the undersink cupboard, so now I almost have a new kitchen, for a fraction of the cost of a whole new one, and with a far superior result.
As well as Olly’s design work the rest of the Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens team have been amazing, including the fitters Adam and Alex and I’ve got to say they were both speedy and also very quiet. Once the cabinet was attached to the wall Adam and Alex kept asking me to give preferences on fine details as they fitted infills, cornice, coving, etc., so the end product really is absolutely bespoke and customised.
Now I’m just waiting for a quote for new worktops, by which time I really will have a new kitchen, but with virtually zero waste!
I really can’t recommend Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens too highly: in fact, a neighbour already has a new kitchen from them nearing completion and she went on the basis of how impressed I’d been with Olly at the quote and design stage!