The clue is in the name.


really is key to us here at Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens.

We want to provide you with a kitchen with sustainability at its heart.

We care about the environment, and we show it in the living spaces we create. Our eco-friendly approach has made us a multi award-winning small business.

All our living spaces are individually designed, to work the way you need them to. We want them to be a pleasure to use, so it brings joy to the everyday. Maybe it will encourage you to cook more, make it easier for you to enjoy time with friends and family, or give you the space you need to unwind. 

We work with you to design a kitchen that will meet your needs as well as looking fantastic. Ensuring that your kitchen functions as you need it to, is key to its sustainability. We want you to love your kitchen, so it enjoys a long and happy life with you, not end up in landfill within a few years, like so many others do.

Our approach to sustainability has three strands:




We source materials sustainably and use materials with a high-recycled content where we can.  Our core kitchen base units are made from a special particleboard produced from 100% recycled timber. We also incorporate other recycled or reclaimed materials into our designs.

Many of our clients choose recycled glass or recycled paper worktops. Our feature shelving made from beautiful reclaimed lab-bench hardwoods are also very popular. By choosing these products, you are giving new life to great materials. Ethical supply chains are important to us.

We use a lot of local timber. It is beautiful and hardwearing, as well as unique. When we know the source, we can be sure it has sustainable credentials and because it is locally-sourced, it comes with low transport miles.

We also choose FSC or PEFC Certified timber, so we can be confident we are using ethically sourced materials.




Our kitchens are all carefully designed, consisting of solid, high-quality ingredients and are designed to last.

We have over 100 years of combined industry experience across our talented team. This gives our kitchens that extra level of quality craftsmanship, as well as a beautiful finish.  We create durable kitchens, designed to meet your needs for many years.

We support this with our unrivalled aftercare service, which maximises your kitchen’s lifespan.

A long-lasting kitchen is a sustainable one.




The business was founded upon strong values of honesty, integrity and sustainability. Whether it’s in our business practices or our thinking practices, we are driven by our ethics. This encompasses our relationship with the community and our responsibility as an employer.

We use green electricity, bank with the ethical bank Triodos, use a sustainable website designer and website host and recycle as much as we can. From composting our office coffee grounds, to re-homing our workshop sawdust and wood-chippings, we are mindful of our waste.

Nearly all our vehicle fleet is electric. We encourage our team to walk, cycle or lift-share and we are active community litter-pickers.

Supporting the local economy is important to us. We source materials and services locally wherever possible and champion the fantastic independent small businesses that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep. We also champion sustainable practices within the business community.

team photo collage

Building a sustainable team

Our small and friendly team encourages each other to be supportive and nurturing, as well as collaborative. We push ourselves to go the extra mile knowing that we have the support of the rest of the team behind us.

All this results in the thought, energy and passion that we put into making your kitchen. Seeing happy clients at the end of a project is why we do what we do. Basically, we care. We take pride in our work and we strive to do our best.

In 2021 we won the Sheffield Business Award in the category “Planet Saver” and won the Sheffield Star Small Business Award for Social Responsibility. We also won the Sheffield Business Award for Excellence in Corporate, Social, and Environmental Responsibility in 2018. 

We don’t claim to be perfect – there’s always more everyone can do better, but we strive to innovate for sustainability. If you have any suggestions for further improvement, we welcome them!


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