In 2021, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) accounted for 99.9%* of the UK business population and 60%* of total UK employment. Now, more than ever is the time to support small and local businesses. We are celebrating Small Business Saturday on December 3rd and want to take this opportunity to urge you all to try and support small businesses as much as you can.

All businesses have suffered as a result of the pandemic and recent inflation, but small businesses have perhaps been the worst hit.

But why should you support a small and local business?

Three reasons why you should support a small business:

It improves the local economy

Firstly, buying from a local business puts money back into the local economy. The shop owners will be spending the money you give them in other local shops, circulating it through the community. This in turn creates more local jobs and further allows the local economy to flourish.

It’s better for the environment

Secondly, buying local reduces your carbon footprint and is actually better for the environment. This means you won’t have to drive far, or wait for items to be delivered across the country! Both of these factors will significantly reduce air pollution.

They bring variety

Finally, buying locally gives you more variety in your purchases. Large chain companies often dominate the market with their products, so buying from a local business can provide originality. 

Some of our favourite small businesses in Sheffield:

Sheffield and the nearby Peak District have a vast array of fantastic independent businesses. This makes it incredibly hard to pick favourites. Where would you start when trying to name your favourite small businesses? The local businesses listed below are the ones we chose to partner up with in 2020. This was as part of our client referral scheme, and all have a food or drink theme. All of them are fabulous in their own way and offer our clients top quality produce to enjoy in their sustainable kitchen. If you don’t know any if these great businesses already, it’s definitely worth checking them out.

Beanies Wholefoods

Beanies is a busy wholefoods shop and greengrocers in Walkley. As a workers co-operative, Beanies has been selling wholesome, fresh produce since 1986. They sell a large range of food and produce, including continental and speciality foods, plus gluten-free and dairy-free. All of their products are vegetarian or vegan.

Birdhouse Tea Company

Birdhouse Tea Company produces top quality tea blends, all mixed by hand. Made in small batches, Birdhouse Teas are made with the best quality tea and herbs.

In 2018, they opened Sheffield’s first Tea Bar, serving breakfast, brunch and wood fired pizzas. They have the largest drink menu in the whole of the city – perfect for trying new teas, seasonal tea lattes and creative drinks – from non-alcoholic to house infused tea cocktails.

If you haven’t tried one of their range of vegan brownies yet, you’re missing out!


Matt Bragazzi runs a wonderful authentic Italian café and deli with his friendly team in the heart of Abbeydale Road. Their coffee is second to none, and nicely washes down the freshly made cakes, pastries and paninis.


Elm is a bar serving wine, coffee, cheese & charcuterie. Their focus is supporting small producers who work sustainably, ecologically and authentically. They offer delicious natural wines and international coffee, alongside artisan produce from the British Isles and Europe.

Grasshopper Café

The home of speciality coffee, delicious food, craft beers and good vibes. Based in the heart of the Peak District National Park, the Grasshopper Cafe is on the doorstep of iconic walking and cycling routes. 

The Grasshopper Cafe champions local suppliers, and we really love the relaxed and friendly service.

Moss Valley Market Garden

Moss Valley Market Garden provides an organic vegetable box scheme, which quite a few of our team are massive fans of personally. 

We love their approach to producing food which is grown in tune with the natural rhythms of life. Their traditional form of agriculture is regenerating the soil to its former glory.

Sauced Here

Sauced Here is a brilliant way to access fabulous locally-produced and hand-sourced food and drink from over 40 Peak District farmers, artisan food producers and small businesses.

It offers the convenience and similar choice that you might get from an online supermarket experience but all supporting the local economy.  You place your order, they collect your items and provide them to you via one flexible delivery to your door, cottage or campsite. Brilliant!

Feeling inspired? These are just a few of what Sheffield and the Peak District has to offer in the way of fantastic local businesses. All of them need our support more than ever, after the challenges this year has thrown at them. So please, try to think local when shopping, particularly for Christmas, and keep the local economy going. Thank you!

* Statistics collected from the UK government website –

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