Now that I’ve had a few days for it to sink in I wanted to put a few words down about our fantastic Sheffield Business Awards win last Thursday. We were nominated alongside some very well-deserving companies, who have been leading the way in Sheffield business circles for their commitment to Excellence in Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility. We had not anticipated that Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens would win the award. It was a very pleasant surprise, but perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise

Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens was founded upon a bedrock of environmental responsibility, a desire to do things differently and in a way which protected rather than damaged the environment and caused as little impact as possible. Ethics were also key, with the drive to do things right by our customers, staff and anyone we did business with along the way.

The thing is, because these responsibilities are so core and integral to the business and everything we do, we almost forget it’s a big thing to work in that way. Whether it’s sourcing recycled content materials, local and reclaimed timber, or using electric vehicles, encouraging our team to cycle or working with local charities and council work schemes, we just do it because we do. It’s not an exercise in box ticking.

I’ve been running the company for nearly 11 years now and I can’t describe how wonderful it is to receive this award, which acknowledges the good work we do and all the hard work the team has put in. We’ve always had the affirmation from our customers who give glowing feedback on our work and there’s the satisfaction which comes from having a successful growing business and an expanding team who can deliver more great kitchen projects, but official recognition like the Sheffield Business Award really is the icing on the cake.

I’d like to thank all our previous and current customers for choosing to invest in our offering and believing in what we do and how we do it. Whether you chose us because of our bespoke design or for our use of local timbers, ultimately, we would not be here without your business, so thank you!


We really care about what we do here at Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens, and how we do it. We aim to achieve best practice in business, whether it’s prioritising the use of local products and suppliers, achieving a lower carbon footprint and supporting the local economy and community, or acting as a responsible employer and encouraging staff to be be more socially responsible, sustainable, ethical and healthy. How we operate as a company reflects in the care and quality workmanship that goes into our products, and your home.

One of our recent clients, Diane, summed it up beautifully: “you have the security, confidence and satisfaction of knowing that you are (1) working with a really nice, friendly, helpful set of people; (2) everything they do is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible and they will accommodate all sorts of requests or suggestions you may have in those respects; (3) the work is to a very high standard and if you aren’t happy with something, it will be sorted out; and (4) the company is run in an ethical way in terms of the work they do and the way they treat their staff, their suppliers and their customers…They try to do the right thing at every level of their business and it shows. More companies should operate this way.”

I want to thank all of our brilliant Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens team whose commitment and hard work has brought the business to this milestone. Thank you for your hard work and collaboration. Your dedication and willingness to go the extra mile has helped to get us here. 

Finally, I must thank Evoluted who sponsored the Award and also the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce for organising the event so fantastically. The Chamber have been wonderfully supportive since we joined and it’s a pleasure being part of an organisation which really believes in what we do. We had a wonderful night and not just because we walked away with the award! It was great celebrating in other businesses successes and seeing how the wider business community are all working together to make our wonderful city even better. It’s been nice reading up a bit more about the other worthy nominations and winners over the past few days as a lot of the ceremony passed us by in all the excitement!

It’s been an amazing journey so far – the last 11 years have been busy and full of amazing challenges – we’re looking forward to the future with excitement and perhaps a bit more awareness of how special what we do really is.

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