Sustainable Kitchens

Compact Kitchens

It’s a joy to work in and there is so much more useable space. Couldn’t recommend Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens more highly.
Peter and Jim, Sheffield

If you’re looking for a compact kitchen or a kitchen for a smaller space, we can design a great living space for you. Whether you’re looking for a small kitchen for a terraced house, a flat or an attic room, we have many years of kitchen design experience to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

No matter what your style preference is for your smaller kitchen, it is absolutely key that your new kitchen includes all the elements you need it to and in a layout that works well for you.

Designing a kitchen on a smaller footprint requires a lot of consideration to ensure that it functions well. We believe that how the space functions is just as important as how it looks. Building our kitchens to last, we believe in getting the design right for you.


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