Part refurbishment

Not everyone wants a full new kitchen. You may just want to make a few changes to your existing kitchen.

Maybe you want to just replace the doors, change a worn-out worktop or add more shelving or storage.

This is a simple way to increase the life-span of your kitchen when your kitchen’s looking a little tired but you’re happy with the overall design and structure.

Many clients want a part refurbishment, updating a few tired or worn elements but keeping the basic layout and structure. 

Here’s one we did earlier

This kitchen is a great example of one of our refurbishment projects, which involved a wide range of upgrades and tweaks to make better use of the space, and help it function better as a kitchen.

What did we do?

  • knocked out a wall and fitted an RSJ to open up the room
  • sanded and sealed the timber worktops and floors
  • re-wired the kitchen and improved the lighting
  • created new wall shelves from solid oak, with integrated LED strip lighting over the work surfaces
  • installed new wall cabinets
  • built a full-height freestanding larder storage unit to house a host of dry goods
  • made a new dishwasher door to match the existing doors
  • extended the worktop using raw materials repurposed from the original kitchen and to match the existing cabinets


Some of the upgrades are invisible, but to the user, make the kitchen function as new.

For example, we reconditioned all the old drawer mechanisms so now they all function smoothly. As a good kitchen should.

It certainly looks and feels like a brand new kitchen now.

Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens painted kitchen cabinet and open shelving
Kitchen Island Addition to an Existing Kitchen

This project was an addition to an existing kitchen, where our client asked us to design and install this large kitchen island.

Our clients were building an extension and moving their dining table from the kitchen into the conservatory.

They wanted to create a kitchen island to make better use of the space and complement their existing kitchen, to include a wine fridge, electric sockets, a pull-out bin, vegetable storage, and a small seating area at one end for 2-3 people. This did the job perfectly.

We design all our kitchens from scratch, to fit your needs and style, and are happy to chat to you about your current kitchen and what it is you need adapting or upgrading.

Maybe it is just the doors that need changing, or the worktop and floor, or maybe you need to create a place to sit and eat. We have designed and created quite a few fold-down tables recently.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you refurbish your current kitchen, get in touch.

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