Building Work

Knocking down internal walls

Our building services can help you if you are knocking down internal walls or knocking through to create a kitchen diner. 

If you need building work doing as part of your kitchen project, we can undertake the work you need. Maybe you are needing a new bathroom or a kitchen extension. Or maybe you’re thinking of knocking through from your current kitchen to another room, removing internal walls to create more space. Our building services will help you create the living space you’re dreaming of.

Removing a chimney breast

It doesn’t have to be a big job. Sometimes all that our clients need is the removal of a chimney breast to allow for better use of the space and an improved kitchen layout.

We work together with our Structural Engineer to ensure that everything is done soundly. We liaise with Building Control to ensure that you have the reassurance and confidence as well as the certification.

Knocking through kitchen diner

Sometimes, knocking through can make a massive difference to the potential footprint of your new kitchen. Consider removing internal walls to make the best use of the space. It can radically change how you use the room. Our expert and knowledgeable team are able to advise you on the best way to maximise your design.

Please note: our building services are only available as part of a kitchen or bathroom project.

Minor building work in kitchen

Project Management to help with your building work 

Don’t feel daunted by the idea of building work or knocking down internal walls! Take comfort in knowing that we project manage the whole process.

Read more here on our project management service.

It makes your life easier and you won‘t have to worry about anything. By managing the entire project, we can ensure that all subcontractors are organised at each stage in the process and the timings work to make your project happen as smoothly as possible.

All our trades and subcontractors have been working with us for many years and are not only trustworthy and reliable, but have many years of experience. 

For a great example of how a small amount of building work, can transform a living space, see this kitchen project here.

building work knocked through wall with bricks on the floor of kitchen
A recent kitchen project that we completed involving building work. This image shows the room just after the wall was knocked through.
bespoke kitchen with knocked through open plan diner
The final result. A beautiful open plan kitchen dining room. The removal of the wall has meant the space feels much larger, with the white kitchen cabinets giving the room an airy ambiance.

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