Aftercare and Maintenance

Aftercare is really important to us as at Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens.

We want you to love your new living space. Our team is keen to ensure that it continues to function fantastically for many years. A sustainable kitchen or bathroom is one that does not end up in landfill after a few years.

Essential to this, is to ensure that your kitchen is properly maintained and cared for. We do a health check on all our kitchens and bathrooms a few months after they’ve been installed.

At Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens, we like to make sure everything is functioning as it should be. We tweak anything that might have settled out of line. Maybe there is something in particular that you’d like us to look at. Please do flag it up with us when we get in touch to arrange your aftercare appointment.

We want to fix any issues with your kitchen or bathroom, no matter how small. Details are important to us. We want you to love your space for many years, and not be distracted by a little niggle. 

fixing a kitchen with aftercare service

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