Refurb and Refresh

We’ve been working on this lovely kitchen refurbishment, which has involved a wide range of upgrades and refubishments, from RSJ fitting to sanding and sealing timber worktops and floors as well as re-wiring and improving the lighting.

We created new wall shelves from solid oak, with integrated LED strip lighting for over the work surfaces, new wall cabinets, and a full length larder unit to house a host of dry goods.

It has been an interesting project, making a new dishwasher door and extending the worktop using raw materials re-purposed from the original kitchen, and to match in with existing cabinets.

And while it looks great, some of the differences can’t be seen in a photo. We reconditioned all the old drawer mechanisms so now they all function smoothly. As a good kitchen should.

Certainly looks and feels like a brand new kitchen now.