Sustainable Kitchens

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass is a very popular choice with our clients. Many clients choose this for their worktop as it is very tough as well as being beautiful. It can also be produced in any colour at all. Clients also often choose it as a splashback to contrast with a wooden worktop.

We find that many of our customers are wanting to achieve the look of granite or marble, but without the questionable ethics that surround the production. A few retailers have stopped selling some ranges of granite due to child slavery concerns in India.

Granite and marble have huge transportation miles, as well as environmental impact of the mining process on landscapes and the wider environment.

Recycled glass is definitely a more sustainable option.

It is manufactured solely within the UK, thus reducing travel miles and minimising the carbon footprint. The surface has a core of 85% recycled glass as a minimum and all the glass is 100% recycled, sourced from waste glass within the UK. This is crushed and pressed in solvent-free resins. Once cured, these resins are inert and contain no VOCs.

The manufacturing process is also sustainable. Any water used is recycled wherever possible and any equipment used is cleaned using bio-degradable solvents. Each piece of recycled glass is made individually, handmade for each project, which reduces waste.

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