Sustainable Kitchens

Eco Cabinets

All of our standard kitchen cabinet carcasses are super sustainable as we make them from a special eco board that is made from 100% recycled timber. No tree was cut down in the production of this board.

This special eco-board is made from recycled wood particles set in resin with a low formaldehyde content. For our purposes, to create the cabinet carcasses, we have the board melamine-faced. This ensures that the surfaces are more protected and easy to clean.

The eco-board is a product with a low environmental impact and is also recyclable.

As well as having superb eco credentials, all our standard cabinets come with a solid 18mm back panel, and are glued and dowelled together. After glueing, they are set in a square press, making them extremely strong and sturdy.

We create kitchens that are solid and built to last, so using these as a base for our kitchens gives us a strong foundation on which to build on. These solid base cabinets start square and stay square. This ensures that the kitchen doors we hang on the fronts later are also sturdy and also remain square and well-aligned.

recycled Eco base cabinet

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