Uses: splashbacks, upstands, worktops

Composite quartz is a resin-bound mixture of natural quartz minerals combined with glass or metallic flecks and pigments. Because it is a manufactured material, it generally has a uniform appearance. Quartz is a great choice for a kitchen worktop as it comes in a range of colours. It is a popular choice as it has the look of marble or granite but without questionable ethics around the supply chains. The material also comes with the added benefits of being higher scratch and stain resistant than natural stone.

Quartz is hard, nonporous and an ideal surface for a kitchen worktop. For cleaning in the simplest form, use water and lightly polish with a cloth. For regular cleaning, we recommend the use of a pH-neutral cleaner specially designed for stone worktops.

Composite quartz is non-porous on the main. However, during the manufacturing process when the quartz is being polished, pores are formed on the surface which can fill with particles of dirt. If these pores are protected with a stain-proof finish, liquids are repelled instead of being drawn into the material. This means cleaning and maintenance becomes far easier. Tea (with white-based quartz in particular) can appear to stain, sticking to the surface if it’s not wiped clean soon after a spill.

To see a few examples of quartz in our kitchens, see our gallery selection here.

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