Uses: splashbacks, upstands, worktops

Mistral is a solid surface material, made of crushed stone set in resin. The material has the appearance of a stone surface, but with different properties. Unlike most other kitchen worktop materials, Mistral worktops can be sanded. This means they can be refinished to remove general wear and tear marks. Mistral is antibacterial, non-porous, strong and durable, so it is a great option for a kitchen worktop. However, it is still advisable to wipe up spills immediately, as well as not to tarnish the surface of this composite.

Mistral kitchen worktops can be used with undermount sinks as well as inset ones, and have drainer grooves cut into it. In addition, it can be jointed seamlessly, so wastage is minimised. Finally, Mistral kitchen worktops can be reused and recycled.

This material comes in a range of neutral colours, in keeping with the natural shades of the crushed stones. It is a popular choice for mid-level budgets and it is manufactured in China, from locally sourced raw materials.

If you’re looking for a sustainable material for your home, see the range we offer here.

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