Uses: bespoke feature elements, cutlery trays, door and drawer fronts, furniture, shelving

Birch faced ply is an engineered wood. This means it is man-made, produced from layers of wood, glued together to create a strong surface. Plywood is a very stable material due to the cross-laminated sheets it’s made of, which means it doesn’t tend to move or swell under normal circumstances.

We don’t recommend birch ply as a kitchen worktop as there are so many alternative materials that are better suited, but it is a great material to make cabinets, shelves, wine racks and other items from. Birch faced ply is a beautiful material, and with its striped edging and clean, light appearance, it is great for achieving a Scandi look and feel in your kitchen. We ensure that all the ply we source is FSC certified.

If you’re looking for a sustainable material for your home, see the range we offer here.

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