Uses: cutlery trays, furniture, shelving, upstands, worktops

Bamboo looks great as a worktop or shelving. The layered edging of the exposed end grain is a lovely feature of any countertop. Whilst not strictly timber, it can be worked like one and requires similar care and maintenance to a timber worktop. Bamboo is the fastest-growing, self-propagating crop in the world, which replenishes itself fully within three years. Although the material needs to travel to the UK, being shipped by container has a lower carbon footprint than air miles. It is worth noting that bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to other plants. Bamboo also absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants.

It can be sanded back to remove scratches and minimal wear to the surface. Bamboo may not be able to be recycled as a worktop again, but can always be reused as chipboard or upcycled into other timber objects. If you choose this as a worktop in your sink area, it will need regular maintenance to ensure the timber does not go mouldy when exposed to water for prolonged periods of time.

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