Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens


Ask questions

If you’re interested in getting a no-obligation quote, we’ll ask you a few questions about your requirements.


Measure up

We’ll arrange to meet you, measure up and work out a plan.


Discuss options

To help us understand your needs, we’ll discuss options and choices with you.


Create a visual

We’ll turn the paper plans into a 3D computer model, so it’s easier to visualise how things will look.


Get a price

We’ll cost up your kitchen at this stage and produce a clear quotation, detailing what is, and what isn’t included in the price.


Discuss detail

We’ll arrange to meet again to talk through the plans, elevations, images and pricing we’ve produced.


Refine details

Your feedback is key to develop the design further and produce a refined version of the plans and costings that we can work with.


Provide deposit

At this point, we ask for a 30% deposit up front and stagger the remaining payments over the build.


Agreeing a start date

We will finalise dates with you and provide you with a full schedule for the work so you know what is happening, and when.



A couple of months after we’ve finished your kitchen, we’ll come out and perform a "health check" to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Moving on, if you have any other issues relating to your kitchen, just get in touch and we will do our best to fix the problem.