In Brief

A bespoke and sustainable bathroom that has been thoughtfully designed, re-configuring the layout to create a stunning and functional space. The reclaimed timber adds warmth and fabulous character to the high-end design.

In Detail

This warm and light bespoke and sustainable bathroom has been thoughtfully designed to meet our clients’ brief, re-configuring the layout to create a stunning and functional bathroom. There are loads of great inspiration for neutral bathroom ideas. 

The brief

Our design brief was to create a sustainable luxury bathroom whilst maximising the available space. Top of our clients’ wishlist was a powerful new shower system, making the bathroom more functional than their existing one, and giving it long-lasting appeal.

The design

We sourced a bespoke bathroom suite that met our clients’ needs in terms of functionality and worked well together in the compact layout. The renovation included rejigging the location of the sink, toilet and radiator and incorporating more storage space.

We chose the different sustainable bathroom elements carefully, using reclaimed timber to add warmth and character to the new space. Our clients wanted us to incorporate neutral bathroom ideas in their new space.

Powerful shower

Top of our clients’ wishlist was a powerful shower, with a luxurious feel to it. We installed a new waterfall shower head to meet our client’s needs. They also wanted a smaller shower so they could wash their dog easily when it got muddy. 

Sustainable materials

A range of storage was also important to our clients, so we designed a combination of full height and lower-level units to maximise the space.

The cabinetry is made from reclaimed timber lab benches and our eco-board (made from recycled timber), so super-sustainable.

Neutral bathroom ideas

The fabulous muted porcelain stone effect tiles tiles run floor to ceiling, and across the bath panel. In a matte limestone effect, they add a feeling of luxury as well as visual interest. 

The result

The result is a stunning bespoke and sustainable bathroom with a light and airy feel, that maximises the footprint of the room.

Not only does the new space look fabulous, but it is a considered bespoke design. It meets the practical needs of our clients and has enduring appeal.


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