In Brief

This compact blue and yellow kitchen uses loads of clever ideas to maximise storage in a small space, making the kitchen super functional.

In Detail

This compact kitchen was carefully designed to make the space work hard for the clients. Our client wanted a highly functional kitchen. We came up with lots of ideas for the small kitchen storage to make every inch count. 

The brief

The brief was to design a kitchen that worked well in the small footprint. We used clever kitchen storage ideas to make the kitchen a joy to cook in. Kitchen pull out corner storage was one of the clever design solutions.

Sustainability is key to our client, who is a family member of one of our team. With this in mind, the kitchen was designed with sustainability front and centre. The room has two external walls and they wanted to make the room warmer as part of their home improvement project.

Insulating the space to make it warmer

Our clients were very keen to make the kitchen feel warmer. We fitted insulation boards on the two external walls to line the room and a new back door to seal the room more effectively. We also insulated the door threshold, to prevent cold bridging and installed a new full height radiator.

The sustainable and natural cork flooring adds a feeling of warmth underfoot.

Small kitchen storage

The smart Blum Legrabox drawers come with a liner as standard and are slightly more roomy than our standard kitchen drawer storage.  To maximise the narrow cabinet storage alongside the oven, we chose the Blum Space Twin, so that the drawer sides add stability to the items that our client wanted to keep there. The pullout can be fully extended to give complete access to the contents. It is also available in different widths, so can be used in a variety of different settings.

Under the sink is also useful cabinet storage that we maximised in this small kitchen. The cabinet baseliner, which we fit as standard in all our kitchens, protects the internal cabinet from any potential water leaks in the future.

Designing kitchen storage cleverly

The left-hand length of the kitchen worktop was designed to be slightly deeper than standard to accommodate more storage below and allow more food prep on the worktop above.

Both corners of the kitchen make the most of kitchen pull out corner storage, allowing full use of the corner cupboard space.

The top box above the fridge-freezer is useful storage for items used less frequently. The special hinge stops the door from colliding with the ceiling and is soft close like all the other hinges in the kitchen.

There is also an unexpected extra drawer under the oven, a great place for storing baking trays etc.

The open shelves are useful storage which also adds an element of interest. Sprayed in the same yellow to colour match the doors, these keep the space feeling light.

For more ideas for small kitchen storage, see our advice post on ways to maximise kitchen space. 

Sustainable appliances

The high-quality appliances, from the Miele washer-dryer to the NEFF oven and induction hob were all chosen for their longevity. Our client already had a NEFF slide and hide oven with an additional steam element, which worked very well. They were keen to re-use it in the new kitchen. We added a new induction hob to match in, along with an integrated microwave and dishwasher.

The result

The result is a fantastic small kitchen with lots of great storage ideas to maximise the space. The range of high-quality integrated appliances complements the design making it a hugely functional kitchen and a joy for our clients to cook in.


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