In Brief

This contemporary compact grey, green and bamboo kitchen not only looks great but functions well in the small u-shaped space. Incorporating our clients original appliances within the new design, the kitchen is a sustainable one. The bamboo shelving adds a lovely feel to the space.

In Detail

This contemporary space combines simple kitchen design with a grey, green and bamboo palette to create a lovely small kitchen. The compact kitchen not only looks great, but functions really well in the small u-shaped space. Incorporating two of the clients’ existing appliances, this sustainable kitchen is a beautiful and cohesive cooking space.

The Brief

Our clients’ original kitchen consisted of a number of free-standing units. This resulted in a kitchen that did not flow well and didn’t make the most of the available space. Functionality and sustainability were both factors that were important to the clients, so every part of the kitchen was designed with this in mind.

Simple Design

The previous kitchen was galley style space, with units down each side of the room. We designed the new kitchen to make maximise the space along the end wall under the window. We built shallow cabinets to provide extra storage and worktop space along that wall. This resulted in connecting the two cabinet runs on each side of the room, aiding the flow throughout.

Open Shelving

Our clients opted to not have any closed cabinetry on the walls of the kitchen, as this was a compact space with limited natural light. They were keen to keep the open feel of the small space. The solution was to use open shelving, which we created from bamboo to match the worktops. This meant that the simple kitchen design did not compromise on storage space, and that light could still flow through the kitchen. The open shelving is also a great way to display lovely kitchen objects.

Sustainable Bamboo

The bamboo worktop is a sustainable choice. Bamboo is a fast growing, self-propagating crop which replenishes itself within three years. Using bamboo is not only sustainable, but it adds warm tones to the kitchen. The edging of the bamboo is also a nice design detail, showing off the many layers it is constructed from. The golden tones of bamboo also work fantastically with the existing flooring. To see another kitchen that uses bamboo, click here.

Re-using Existing Appliances

Our clients were keen to keep a couple of their existing appliances, which is something we encourage. What is sustainable about getting rid of a perfectly working appliance? Nothing. Our clients chose to keep their free-standing sink and dishwasher unit, and fridge freezer. We incorporated both into the new simple kitchen design – you would never know they weren’t brand new!


Although the grey kitchen and bamboo worktop create a soft colour palette, the addition of green really lifts the space. The glass splashbacks on both walls are united by the green of the houseplants, adding a pop of colour and tying all the elements of the kitchen together.

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