In Brief

This lovely scandi-style kitchen combines white Runda doors with an FSC-certified rich cherry worktop. The bespoke green recycled glass splashback adds a pop of colour while reclaimed timber lab benches turned into feature open shelving brings warmth to the room.

In Detail

Our brief for this kitchen was to create a modern scandi-style space with a white and wood kitchen, to fit the new and unique space our clients were creating by extending their apartment home.

Wedge-shaped room

The new kitchen space was an interesting geometric shape with a few odd angles and corners. You can see from the images above, that with the wedge-shaped room, taking a standard off-the-shelf approach would not have worked here.

We designed a bespoke kitchen to fit the new space. The wooden worktops and reclaimed timber shelves were scribed to the unique angles. We mirrored the angles with the freestanding kitchen island and created a beautiful wood and white kitchen that felt right for our client.

These slightly wedge-shaped lines of the bespoke kitchen island complete the space, bringing a lovely central feature to the room and living area.

Scandi-style kitchen

The scandi look and feel of this kitchen is emphasised by the classic wood and white combination. The bespoke green splashback adds a pop of colour. Made from recycled glass bottle shards set in resin, the splashback is a sustainable option. To see another scandi-style kitchen with a modern twist, click here.

White and wood kitchen detail

While the solid cherry worktops spread warmth and character throughout the space, the feature open shelving brings additional visual interest. We used a reclaimed iroko hardwood for the feature shelves, reclaimed from school lab benches. Sanding back the years of graffiti, we exposed the fabulous wood grain underneath. We accentuated the texture with a loving finish of hardwax oil.

The simple, white slab doors with cut-out handles lend the kitchen a minimalist feel and add to its airiness. Uncluttered and unfussy, the kitchen is highly functional.

The result

The finished, scandi-style kitchen is a lovely warm kitchen and dining space, and most definitely the heart of the home.

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