In Detail

This brilliant compact kitchen fits neatly into a terraced house. It incorporates a wide range of custom features to make the space work efficiently.

Our clients had a small terraced off-shot kitchen and asked us to create a space which worked more efficiently. They wanted a room that allowed them to eat and entertain in one room.

Knocking through

We knocked through from their dining room, to the original kitchen and opened it up to create one living space. We then took a bespoke approach to the design to incorporate a number of unique features to make the space work more efficiently.

Bespoke approach to the design

The central focus of the room is the solid oak breakfast bar. We took a flexible approach to this, designing it to flip up and down. It seats seven when fully extended and when not in use, the end leaf can be dropped, to ease the flow of movement around the room.

Maximising Storage Space

To maximise storage space, the wall cabinets were designed to run all the way to the ceiling. In addition, the plinths were designed to be extra low and the worktop slightly higher. This increased the internal space of the lower cabinets.

Flexible cabinetry

To ease food preparation, we created a wheelie basket unit to allow our clients to re-position it alongside the hob. This gave them the flexibility to create a temporarily-increased cooking zone with additional work surface area.

The result is a fantastic cooking and dining space, that has a more open feel and a more usable space.

To experience an immersive 3D tour off the kitchen, click here. 

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