In Brief

A stunning minimalist white kitchen with a Durat worktop made from white recycled plastic. All bespoke designed for maximum effect in a small space.

In Detail

This stunning minimalist kitchen boasts a white Durat worktop made from recycled plastic. We designed it to be bespoke for maximum effect in a small space.

The Brief

Our clients initially approached us with plans for a larger kitchen extension, to achieve the storage and worktop space they dreamed of. They wanted a light minimalist kitchen with a recycled kitchen worktop that functioned well and was a joy to cook in.

No need for a kitchen extension

Following further discussion, we proposed a change of approach. We suggested working on a careful design to create a compact kitchen on the same footprint as before. The new kitchen design would maximise the given space without the need to extend. But it would still deliver what our clients wanted: a light room with more storage and worktop space.

Clever design for a compact space

We designed the new kitchen with tall wall cabinets right to the ceiling to maximise storage space. To make the space more functional as well as maximise storage, we incorporated corner pullouts.

Kitchen pullouts

We integrated the washing machine in the new kitchen, to give our clients more cupboard space along the sink run. In turn, this allowed us to incorporate a corner pullout in both corners of the kitchen. The pullouts add a lot of flexibility, allowing access to the back of awkward cupboard space.

Our client especially likes the integrated pullout bins. In their old kitchen, the freestanding bin would get in the way. As a result, the fact we tucked them away in the new kitchen helps the room function better. It also adds to the minimalist look.

Recycled plastic worktop: Durat

The showstopper recycled kitchen worktop is made from a solid surface material called Durat.  It is made from 30-50% recycled post-industrial plastics and is available in over 300 colours.

Why choose a Durat worktop?

A Durat worktop boasts a 15-year guarantee, is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. The recycled plastic worktop is a stunning white with flecks which catch the light. This means it really bounces light around the room.

Clean lines

Integrating the all the appliances help keep the space feel light and airy. From the washing machine and slimline dishwasher to the full-height fridge freezer, hiding these all away keeps the small space tidy.

The result

The finished kitchen is stunning, and a beautiful example of how you can re-think a kitchen to give you the functionality you need without extending it. The seamless Durat recycled plastic worktop brings the design together, bouncing light throughout the room.


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