In Brief

Sleek handleless cabinetry in Farrow & Ball Bancha colour-matched olive green combines with a sustainable bamboo worktop and open shelving to create a warm and stunning kitchen. All the kitchen cabinets are made from 100% recycled timber board.

In Detail

This beautiful handleless green kitchen is simple and absolutely stunning. The cabinetry is painted in Farrow and Ball matched Bancha green. The sustainable bamboo worktop adds golden tones to the green kitchen cabinets. The kitchen features a full-height free-standing larder unit, smart storage pull-outs and a variety of bespoke details.

The brief

Our clients had a kitchen-diner space that they wanted to flow better. Their previous kitchen peninsula divided the space between their kitchen and dining area. They felt it got more in the way, rather than being a helpful run of worktop and storage. It would get stacked high with dirty pots every time our clients entertained friends and family. This would distract them from enjoying themselves with their fellow diners. Our clients wanted an attractive living space to look at from the dining area.

In addition, their old kitchen hob and sink were quite close together and making it difficult for more than one person to be busy in the same space at a time. Our clients wanted a fresh approach to their kitchen to allow them both to cook and prepare food together.

Less is more

Our clients were torn between a few different options of designs. They spent time bouncing ideas around about knocking through walls and swapping rooms. We suggested removing the original peninsula to immediately improve the flow between the kitchen and dining area. The idea was to make it much easier to move between the two spaces.

By relocating the hob and the sink, our clients now have more worktop space than before, despite no longer having a kitchen peninsula. Additionally, by choosing to forgo the peninsula, our clients have a straight view of the lovely new space from the dining area whilst entertaining.

Green kitchen cabinets

All the cabinetry is colour-matched to Farrow and Ball’s Bancha Green, making it a stunning green kitchen. As a fan of mid-century style, our clients loved this shade. A treasured painting (now located on the kitchen shelf) was the inspiration behind the rich colour palette for the living space.

Bamboo worktop

The choice of bamboo for the worktop and open shelving is a sustainable one. Bamboo is a fast growing, self-propagating crop which replenishes itself within three years. Using bamboo is not only sustainable, but it adds warm tones to the kitchen. The edging of the bamboo is also a nice design detail, showing off the many layers it is constructed from. Read more about bamboo here.

Multiple ovens

Our clients enjoy spending a lot of time cooking. It was important to them that they were able to cater for their large extended family into the future, so enough cooking space was imperative. They were keen to have two single Neff slide and hide ovens and a warming drawer. This would give them endless cooking opportunities for future entertaining.

Open shelving

Our clients are passionate about colour, texture and pattern and were keen to have open shelving to allow the beautiful visuals of their accessories to lead the eye upwards. Carefully curated, this kitchen gallery is a stunning feature of the space and really makes the room work as a “living kitchen” – somewhere you really want to spend time in.

The green kitchen cabinets

Not only are the kitchen cabinets green in colour, but they are also green in consistency! All the cabinets are made from our special eco-board, which is super sustainable. The board is produced from 100% recycled timber. No tree was felled in the production of these cabinets, which makes them a great sustainable choice.

The flow

The warm Amtico flooring unites the spaces, tying them all together. Laid in a classic herringbone pattern, the flooring adds visual interest and pattern as well as warmth, complementing the bamboo.

The result

The result is a fabulous kitchen that not only looks stunning, but is hugely functional. The bamboo worktop and olive green kitchen cabinets work beautifully in the new living space.

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