In Brief

This large family kitchen diner combines bold cabinetry in graphite with a stainless steel worktop gives it an industrial edge. The kitchen peninsula and additional stretches of worktop are sustainable bamboo. The result is stunning.

In Detail

This large family kitchen diner is bold with dark grey kitchen cabinetry and the stainless steel worktop gives the space an industrial feel. The kitchen is modern and dramatic, pairing graphite cabinetry with the warm, golden tones of the contrasting bamboo.

The brief

Our clients wanted to knock through and create one larger family space from their existing kitchen and dining room. The two rooms spanned the rear of their house, but combining the spaces meant they would have a much airier feel and a better flow for the family.

Our brief was to knock through to create the large kitchen-diner and design a space that worked better for them. Our clients wanted a homely space to live in, not just cook and eat. They were keen to have a lot of kitchen storage – so they wanted to use every inch of the available space. We designed a bold, dramatic kitchen and the result is stunning.

Kitchen peninsula

The kitchen peninsula boasts two levels, to accommodate storage on the kitchen side. The higher level also acts as a convenient screen to hide the action of the kitchen from the dining zone. We like the way you can tuck dirty pots out of sight while relaxing on the “living” side of the kitchen. The peninsula also houses a large collection of recipe books, easily accessible and using every bit of space.

Contrasting worktop materials

The peninsula and longer “l-shaped” worktop are made from bamboo. A sustainable choice, as the crop bamboo is a fast-growing one and replenishes itself naturally within three years. On the shorter l-shaped worktop around the sink area, the worktop is stainless steel. As a worktop, stainless steel is fantastic as it’s really easy to clean and super hygienic. It is also rust-less and scorch-less, so you can put hot pans on it without marking it. We love the bold, industrial edge the stainless steel brings visually to the style of this kitchen. In keeping with the worktop, the stainless steel sink and tap are hard-wearing and functional. 

Open shelving

Our clients wanted a bamboo shelf to match the worktop that spanned the large kitchen window giving their plants a lovely spot to thrive. For advice on the best plants to keep in your kitchen view our post here.

The open bamboo shelving are a lovely feature, and a brilliant place for our clients to use s a display space. We integrated LED lights in the lower shelf to provide task lighting to the worktop below. 

Kitchen storage

Storage was really important to our clients. They have a large collection of cooking equipment to accommodate. Firstly, we designed a bank of tall cabinets and top boxes high up to maximise the height of the room. Secondly, we created a lot of extra storage above the fridge freezer. Lastly, we fitted three corner pull-outs in the kitchen,  maximising the usable storage in each corner of the room and making access really simple to the far back of the cupboard space. 

In addition the large larder to the left of the fridge stores a large amount of food and children’s craft items, giving them an instant overview of all their goods. 

Dark grey kitchen cabinets

The cabinet doors are solid ash shaker painted in graphite and contrast beautifully with the subtle white tiling. The flooring matches the tiles and is made of cork, a lovely tactile natural material. Soft and warm to the touch, the cork flooring adds a lovely texture to the room.

All the cabinets are made from our special eco board, which is super sustainable. The board is produced from 100% recycled timber. No tree was felled in the production of these cabinets, which makes them a great sustainable choice.

The result

The finished kitchen is a fabulous new space. The dark grey kitchen cabinets make the space bold and dramatic, with an industrial edge. Our clients now have the room they needed as a family to cook, eat and relax.

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