In Brief

A beautiful minimalist kitchen with handleless dark blue cabinetry and acrylic stone worktops.

In Detail

This understated minimalist kitchen looks stunning in a gorgeous shade of dark blue contrasting with the white mistral worktop. We designed the space with our clients who were renovating their new home in Anglesey, Wales and wanted a sustainable kitchen to fit their energy-efficient home.

The brief

Our clients wanted a kitchen for their new home in Anglesey. Sustainability was absolutely key to them. They asked us to create a well-considered space which would be built to last. They love cooking and baking and wanted a space they could enjoy daily while hosting visitors and entertaining guests in their home.

Retrofit measures

The new kitchen was part of a massive home renovation project, as our clients were undertaking a deep retrofit with HEM architects. They wanted to future proof their home and make their property more sustainable. It was really important that the kitchen was designed and built to last for many years.

Sustainable cabinetry

All the cabinets are made from our special eco board, which is super sustainable. The board is produced from 100% recycled timber. No tree was felled in the production of these cabinets, which makes them a great sustainable choice.

Handleless kitchen design

The new kitchen works brilliantly in the space. The dark blue handleless doors are sleek and minimal, lifting the kitchen diner space. The blue doors add a lovely pop of colour and are also hugely functional, being easy to clean.

Mistral worktops

The worktop material used throughout is an acrylic stone known as Mistral. Mistral worktops are a solid surface material, made of crushed stone set in resin. It has the look of a stone surface, but with different properties.

Unlike most other worktop materials, a major benefit of Mistral is that it can be refinished. This means it can be easily renovated during its lifetime to remove any general wear and tear marks, leaving it looking as good as new.

Our clients chose the light colourway Polaris, as they wanted to bounce light into the room. They maintain it using lemon juice, to stop staining keep it clean and bright.

Kitchen appliances

Our clients wanted to re-use their existing oven so we designed the new kitchen to incorporate it. They chose a new hob and an under-counter fridge freezer. Functional appliances were important to them as they like to do a lot of cooking and baking.

A socialising space

They loved the fact that they could have a table in the kitchen to have guests in there whilst cooking. This meant that the kitchen remained a socialising space for our clients.

The result

The result is a beautiful new space that is sustainable and functional. The dark blue kitchen cabinetry looks stunning contrasted with the clean white of the mistral worktops. Our clients now have their dream kitchen, which they love to cook in.

Our client says:

“I was worried I wouldn’t like our new kitchen as much as our old one but I LOVE it! Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens made the process a pleasure (I didn’t expect it to be). I love the quality, being confident that it will last and that it just looks beautiful. I love that attention has been paid to its being, as far as possible, a ‘sustainable kitchen’. Thank you, Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens.”

Photocredit of clients in kitchen: People Powered Retrofit and photographer Allan Melia

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