In Brief

This fabulous colour block kitchen was designed to colour-match a specific palette from our client. It combines a Durat recycled plastic worktop and splashback with flat panel doors and a unique colour-matched design.

In Detail

This fabulous colour-block kitchen with a recycled plastic Durat worktop is unique and characterful. The colours were inspired by a piece from post-war sculptor Donald Judd.

The brief

Our clients had lived with their previous kitchen for around 30 years. Whilst they liked the rough layout, they were keen to make a couple of small tweaks to the overall design. It was really important to them to make their kitchen more functional.

Colour and style

The kitchen colours were inspired by a sculptural piece by artist Donald Judd. The colours from the original artwork were distilled down to a key palette which informed the kitchen design. The bold use of colour brings the living space together.

Small changes, big impact

Hugely important to our clients was gaining more worktop run in their new design, to make the room more functional. Their previous main kitchen sink was located centrally in front of their kitchen window. Unfortunately, this left little worktop space on that run for food preparation. By moving the sink slightly to the left, our clients now have a more usable area of countertop.

We also replaced the standard-size sink in the utility run with a slimline sink for washing vegetables. This freed up more worktop space for our clients to use.

Creative storage

To create more usable storage for our clients, we boxed off the space under the stairs. The bespoke wine rack is small, but uses what would be dead space in an awkwardly shaped place under the stairs and adds a pop of colour to a corner. Handmade in our workshop and spray-painted to match, the unique angles of the under-stairs wine rack posed a fun challenge!

Using the wall-mounted knife rack and hanging rail, our clients maximise space and keep frequently used items to hand whilst cooking.

Durat Recycled plastic

The choice of recycled plastic for the worktop, upstands, window sill and splashback is a sustainable one. The beauty of this material meant that we could match the client’s choice of colours exactly, specifying the required RAL colours for the kitchen design.

The solid surface material we use is known as Durat, and is made from 30-50% recycled post-industrial plastics set in resin. Not only is the material manufactured from 100% renewable energy, but it is also 100% recyclable. This means that Durat worktops can be turned into new plastic products in the future.

The qualities of recycled plastic make it great for kitchen worktops, splashbacks or bathroom surfaces, as it is hard-wearing, food safe and easy to maintain.


Our clients loved the sleek handles from their previous kitchen and wanted to reuse them in the new design. We sourced an almost identical one to match the originals and incorporated the two types across different zones in the kitchen. The result is seamless – it is hard to tell they are from two different sources. We love re-using elements that still have a lot of life in them. The more that can be kept from landfill, the better.

Kitchen cabinets

All the cabinets are made from our special eco-board, which is produced from 100% recycled timber. No tree was felled in the production of these cabinets, which makes them a great sustainable choice. The board is faced in melamine to protect it during use. With the facing, it is wipeable and more durable – exactly what you need for a well-functioning kitchen.

Cupboard doors

All the kitchen cabinet doors and draw fronts are from the Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens “Platta” range. They were sprayed in bespoke colours to achieve the final look of the kitchen design. The use of colour is such a key part of the space. As a result, we chose to design the space to incorporate our in-house range, to have control over the exact shades needed. Locally manufactured, these doors are created to order thus reducing waste.

The result

The result is a stunning kitchen, where the Durat recycled plastic worktop and splashback add durability to a playful colour scheme. The kitchen is not only eye-catching but is now hugely functional with a fresh approach to the design.

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