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In Detail

This fresh, modern kitchen has bags of character and is designed to be super functional in a compact space.

Our clients wanted a kitchen that flowed well from the dining zone it extends from. They owned a traditional Victorian terraced house with an off-shot kitchen. This was totally transformed with just a small amount of building work to open up the kitchen-dining space. The flow of the two zones was improved inside the home, and outside the back door, a sheltered seating area was created. This was important to our client, who felt that by leveling off the back of the house, they would lose this intimate courtyard feel outside.

The new kitchen has bags of character, and incorporates all the key elements to create a hugely functional space. The bamboo worktop is a sustainable choice. Bamboo is a fast growing, self-propagating crop which replenishes itself within three years. It adds warmth to the light and airy space, and the edging detail is a nice feature.

Our client also wanted to include some reclaimed wine boxes with sentimental value in the finished design. We hung these on the wall as shelf storage and they bring a casual air of fun to the overall feel.

This kitchen is totally bespoke and thoughtfully designed. Our clients love the space. Job done!

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