In Brief

A lovely light bespoke bathroom, thoughtfully designed to meet our clients’ brief. A re-configured layout creates a stunning space, and the light and airy shower space and fabulous whirlpool bath bring a feeling of luxury.

In Detail

This lovely light bespoke bathroom has been thoughtfully designed to meet our clients’ brief. We re-configured the layout to create a stunning space. The light and airy walk-in shower space and fabulous whirlpool bath bring a feeling of luxury.

The brief: bespoke bathroom

Our design brief was to create a sustainable new bathroom whilst maximising the available space. Top of our clients’ wish list was a shower cubicle that felt light and airy. They also wanted bath and shower controls located away from the water source in a whirlpool bath.

The bathroom design

Firstly, we sourced a bespoke bathroom suite that met our clients’ needs in terms of functionality and worked well together in the compact layout. Then we did a small amount of building work to reconfigure the space slightly. This involved installing new extractor fans and a radiator. We also relocated the loft access hatch and added a stud wall. Lastly, we renovated the WC alongside. The bespoke bathroom design was a result of an ongoing dialogue with our clients. We wanted to ensure we created a space that not only looked good but met their practical needs.

Open shower space

The walk-in Phoenix shower cubicle has a deflector screen with a very wide hinge, allowing easy entry. Not only does it give our clients the light and airy feel they wanted whilst showering, but it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. We located the water controls outside the shower to give our clients full control of the water source without getting wet, as desired.

Whirlpool bath

Both controls for shower and bath are located slightly away from the appliances, mounted on the wall. For the shower, in particular, this means our clients can start the water without getting wet. The whirlpool bath fills up via the jacuzzi holes rather than a traditional tap.

Cabinetry and vanity unit

The full-height bathroom storage cupboard and under-sink vanity unit have doors in a smart airforce blue, tying in with the feature tiling. The vanity unit top is quartz, providing a durable surface that is easy to clean. It also provides a strong base for the stunning ceramic basin.

Feature tiles

Our clients chose fabulous feature tiles for their new bathroom to bring character and interest to the design. The blue William-De-Morgan arts and crafts tiles were sourced from the UK reproduction tile specialist Pilgrim Tiles and bring a lovely unique visual to the new bathroom.

The result

The result is a stunning bespoke bathroom with a light and airy feel, which maximises the available space. The light and airy shower space and fabulous whirlpool bath bring a feeling of luxury.  They also give the bathroom long-lasting appeal. Not only does the new space look fabulous, but it is a considered bespoke design that meets the practical needs of our clients.

Our clients say…

“We are so very glad that we chose Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens to design our kitchen for us. The importance to us of high quality sustainable materials and workmanship led us to choose Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens. We were so pleased both with the finished result and with our experience of the whole process that we asked them to design our bathroom for us as soon as our beautiful new kitchen was finished.”

“Both projects involved complete refurbishment, and the way Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens included us at every stage of the design and the careful consideration they made of our particular requirements were of paramount importance to us. We had little idea of what was possible, no experience of room design, yet we feel that our individuality is expressed in the two rooms. It is something we couldn’t have imagined, and we are very grateful. We recommend them wholeheartedly and without hesitation.”

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