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In Detail

This modern bathroom is a calming oasis of blue, complemented beautifully by the dark grain of reclaimed iroko timber.

The Brief

Our clients were building an extension for their 17th century period home and wanted a high quality and modern bathroom that was built to last. They were keen for this house to be their forever home, so every detail of their renovation was built with this in mind.

We were approached to design this bathroom when our clients were struggling to maximise the small space. They were unsure how to accentuate the incredibly high ceilings of the room. Functionality was extremely important to them, therefore this lead us throughout the design process. 

The Details

The finished space is a fabulous bespoke bathroom that has been maximised to its full potential, which includes a full sized bath, shower cubicle, toilet, sink and storage area.

In-house designed and made-to-order “Runda” doors feature unique circular cut-out handles. The minimalist design of these doors does not detract from the rest of the bathroom. We love the way they create a clean and polished ambiance in this relaxing space.

The pale wall tiles and matching flooring set the stage for the bespoke blue units. They allow the colour to really stand out as the centrepiece of the bathroom.

Reclaimed Timber

We were commissioned to create both a kitchen and bathroom and our clients were keen to incorporate reclaimed iroko into at least one of the two rooms. For the full kitchen profile click here. The iroko used throughout this bathroom was reclaimed from old school lab benches. Our workshop team planed and sanded down the graffiti to reveal the beautiful grain underneath.

Feature Tiles

Distinctive tiles sourced from Spain, are the perfect addition to the thoughtful bathroom design. The earthy tones of the tiles enhance the rich chocolate-coloured iroko. Our clients had the idea of placing the tiles above the bath, all the way up to the high ceiling. This would draw the eyes upwards and make the ceiling a focus point. The remaining wall tiles stop at the height of the shower cubicle.

The Result

The finished bathroom design has resulted in a timeless and peaceful space that, most importantly, will function for many years to come.

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