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Do you work outside the Sheffield area?

At present most of our work is in Sheffield, Derbyshire, Leeds, Manchester and their environs. We’re happy to travel further afield if we can. Just give us call and ask!

What’s special about Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens?

All our kitchens are individual, and designed to fit you and your needs – they really are bespoke.

Whether you need a whole new kitchen, or a partial refurb we have the experience and ideas to create a great space that you will love to live in.

We’re extremely flexible, accommodating and relish any opportunity for a challenge.

Can I get a free quote?

Yes, all our quotes are free within a 45 minute drive from us. If you live further away, we charge a small fee to come out and visit (although video conferences are free) . Any quote fees are fully refunded when you purchase a kitchen from us. Just get in touch and we will arrange a convenient time to come and visit you and chat about what it is you’re looking for.

How does the design process work?

  1. If you’re interested in getting a quote, we’ll ask you a few questions about your requirements. We’ll then arrange to visit you and take a look at your space.
  2. We’ll measure up and then spend a couple of hours with you. We’ll work out a rough plan and discuss options and choices for your kitchen design.
  3. Next, we’ll take our paper plans back to the office where we will turn them into a high quality computer model of your proposed kitchen.
  4. We’ll further develop the design throughout this process before producing a series of photo-realistic images of our initial design.
  5. We’ll also cost up your kitchen at this stage and produce a clear quotation, detailing what is and isn’t included in the price. We want you to be clear what you are and aren’t getting for your money.
  6. If you need a quick ballpark figure rather than the details at this point, we can provide you with that.
  7. Once your quote is complete, we’ll call to arrange to meet up again. Then we can talk you through the plans, elevations, images and pricing we’ve produced.
  8. If you want a copy of the plans at this stage, we charge a fee for a copy of the initial designs. This is usually between £300 and £1000, dependent on the amount of work which has gone into the design process for your specific kitchen. However, this cost would be deducted from the price of the kitchen if you choose to go ahead.
  9. We may then proceed to develop the design further with input from you, in order to produce a refined version of plans and costings.

How important is kitchen design?

Design is very important to us at Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens. We build our kitchens to last, and we believe in getting the design right. We want your kitchen to not only look fantastic, but also to function as a highly efficient and practical living space.

We work closely with you and design to fit your needs and requirements. All our kitchen designs are individually created for you. This is why we have an ongoing dialogue, to ensure we get it right.

I don’t want a whole new kitchen. Do you do refurbishments?

Absolutely! Lots of our clients just want to make a few changes to their existing kitchen. They want to just replace the doors, change a worn-out worktop or add more shelving or storage.

This is a simple way to increase the life-span of your kitchen when you’re kitchen’s looking a little tired but you’re happy with the overall design and structure.

What is your standard range?

All of our standard range cabinets are based on a high quality, high recycled content MFC material. Our standard range cabinets are all 18mm thick, including the backs. They are glued and dowelled together.

The cabinets come in a wide range of finishes to match up with our range of kitchen cabinet doors. They provide a solid basis for our kitchens and are guaranteed for 15 years. They will last much longer than this though.

What kind of worktop materials do you offer?

We offer a large range of worktop options, including recycled glass, recycled paper, bamboo and many solid wood varieties.

We can also provide high-quality laminate, Corian, granite (and other stone), and a range of acrylic and quartz-based materials. For a good overview of our range and general advice on choosing a worktop, see our advice post here.

How large is your range of doors?

We have a large range of door options in traditional and contemporary styles. We supply many solid wood shaker doors, from the simple to the ornate in both painted and a range of wood finishes.

The beauty of a painted finish is that it can be re-painted in the future to give a new look and feel to a space, without the need to replace anything.

We also supply a range of contemporary styled doors in high gloss, matt and wood veneer finishes; from low-cost vinyl doors through to high quality painted lacquer finishes in a whole range of colours. Many of these styles are available with handle-less options.

In addition, we can provide PVC-lipped doors from the same recycled material from which our cabinets are produced. If you tell us what you are looking for, we will do our best to supply it.

Do you do smaller jobs?

We’re happy to do smaller joinery jobs that you need doing. If you need fitted shelving, fitted wardrobes, bathroom storage, storage units etc, just let us know.

We have clever ways of making storage solutions work and approach spatial quandaries with a fresh perspective.

Can I keep the appliances I already have?

Of course. It makes no sense, financially or ethically, to get rid of perfectly good appliances. Because we design your kitchen from scratch, we can take into account all the things you want to keep and create a kitchen to include them.

Do your quotes include fitting?

Yes, we try and include everything in our quotes, so that fitting, plumbing and electrics are all covered. We always produce a clear quotation detailing what is and isn’t included in the price.

We want out customers to have piece of mind, so we’ll do our utmost to cover all bases and be open with you from the outset. Some companies show you an artificially reduced price to get the job and then spring a load of extra costs on you once we’ve got the job. That’s not our style. Being straight with our pricing is important to us.

Do I have to pay 100% up front?

No, we stagger our payment schedule to help you and give you peace of mind.

Once you decide to proceed with Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens, we take an initial deposit of 35% and book in provisional dates. At this point, we provide you with a copy of the finalised plans.

Between 30 and 60 days prior to us getting on site, we commence production of your kitchen (this depends on the scope and nature of the kitchen). At this point, we take the main bulk payment for your kitchen, finalise dates and provide you with full schedule and itemisation for the work so you’re clear what is happening and when.

Once the work is complete and any finishing off is done, we’ll take payment for the remaining retainer payment – usually £1,000.

We leave this retainer to give you peace of mind that we’ll complete the work to the high level of quality we, and you, expect.

Can you do building work?

Yes, we will do building work if your project requires it. We often do kitchen extensions for clients, knock through rooms to create a kitchen-diners or alter window openings.

We have trusted builders, architects and structural engineers who we work with. Our team in the office manages the entire process, to make the job as smooth as possible.

How long will the whole process take?

Timescales can differ hugely, depending on the scope of work you need doing, but generally we aim for a 12-week process.

Our lead times can vary though, depending on the bookings we already have in.

What makes Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens so sustainable?

Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens is a conscientious company and we do everything we can to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

We strive to use the most sustainable and responsibly sourced materials available, whether it’s timber, glass or paper. When sourcing new timber, we look for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, to identify wood that comes from well-managed forests.

Wherever we can, we also try to use locally sourced timber, and sustainably sourced raw materials from our network of suppliers.

We specialise in reclaimed and recycled timber, and have crafted a large range of bespoke projects from it. We also offer a range of sustainable products such as recycled glass worktops and splash-backs, recycled paper surfaces, bamboo worktops and solid wood worktops.

There are more strands to our sustainability – read more here.

Do you provide aftercare or support?

When we ‘handover’ your finished kitchen, we supply you with a pack on how to care for your kitchen. We give you information on how to maintain your worktop and paperwork to register your appliances with the manufacturers.

A couple of months later, we’ll perform a health check on your kitchen, making sure everything is finished off and working correctly.

We don’t expect you to have any problems with your kitchen over the coming months and years. If you do have any issues at all, we ask that you get in touch with us so that we can rectify any problems.

We’ll leave you with a kitchen that functions fantastically and looks great for many years to come. This is key to our ethos.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our quotes are based on our initial discussions and forms the basis of any contract entered into between us. Prices may be subject to change prior to receipt of deposit and our issue of a deposit invoice. Occasionally extra costs are incurred during the site work and these will be passed onto you; we will inform you of any extra costs as they occur within a reasonable timescale. If any extra works are requested from any of the trades during the site work, extra costs may be incurred and these will be passed onto you. Postponement of the work by you with less than 48 hours prior to our commencement of work will incur a charge of £400 with £50 per day thereafter for each day of delay up to a maximum of £800. Postponement of the work by you with less than 14 days and more than 48 hours prior to our commencement of work will incur a £400 charge. Late payment of our invoices may lead to delays and hold ups in the work and therefore extra charges as detailed above. Cancellation of the order will lead to retention of the deposit by us and any other costs not covered by the deposit will be chargeable to you. Late payments will incur interest at the annual rate of 4% above Bank of England base rate. Goods remain our property until they are paid for in full. If problems with your existing gas/electrical circuits are encountered during the site work, we are under obligation to put this right in line with current statutory regulations and in this case extra costs will be covered by you. Any estimated costs above for trades work may require a site visit to provide an accurate price and hence may change after site visit is completed. By agreeing to this quote you are agreeing to accept our terms and conditions and payment schedule.

Right to cancel

You have the right to cancel within 14 days of your initial invoice and should you wish to we will send you a right to cancellation form. Things that might affect the final price are listed on the itinerary. Occasionally extra costs are incurred during the site work and these will be passed onto you; we will inform you of any extra costs as they occur within a reasonable timescale. If any extra works are requested from any of the trades during the site work, extra costs may be incurred and these will be passed onto you.

Additional considerations

Delays caused by you will not hold up the payment schedule and the main payment will still be due on the originally agreed date. The final payment may be delayed, but ongoing delays caused by you allow us to decide whether such payment may be delayed and our decision is final and solely to our discretion. Any plans provided are solely for our use and the use of our approved contractors. Any other contractor using Sustainable Kitchens Ltd plans should seek a professional review before proceeding.


Any complaints should be directed to our Customer Service team in the office.


All complaints received will be dealt with confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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