September 22nd marked a momentous moment in the economic history of the South Yorkshire region. 

From small start-ups and voluntary organisations to large B2B enterprises and more, all eyes turned to a leading-edge initiative that would permanently rewrite how we think about doing business here in the North and beyond.

Yes, it was none other than the South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards 2022, the first initiative of its kind to recognise and reward those businesses, organisations and individuals that are spearheading the net-zero economic movement.

Not only this, the Awards also celebrated the efforts of those enterprises who are actively trying to reduce their environmental impact and adopting a greener, more sustainable way of doing business. 


sustainability awards winners on stage

Entailing 12 different award categories, this groundbreaking event also featured a stellar judging panel comprising individuals who are trailblazers of sustainability in their own fields. And as the evening progressed, we had the privilege of discovering these individuals and businesses who have figured out what it takes to be truly environmentally friendly. 

We know that running a business is challenging work. But to run a business sustainably is nothing short of being quixotic. 

As champions of eco-friendly living solutions, we at Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens felt so proud of every single participant who had taken the time and effort to consolidate and share their green initiatives within a concrete business strategy. It really made each and every one of these participants a superhero.

We’re still basking in the afterglow of this fantastic evening, knowing that we are surrounded by so many other businesses who strategically choose sustainability over all other business parameters. It’s a great feeling!

As one of the smaller enterprises sponsoring the event, the South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards mean so much more to us as a business than a momentary celebration. They mark a historic milestone in our growth as a small business pursuing net zero. Here’s to sponsoring many more similar events in the future!

See the full list of winners here.

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