Do you ever get excited when a supplier’s values truly match your own? Our team had a recent trip to the Blum UK headquarters for a Blum experience day to learn about their latest products and designs and found exactly that.


It was particularly interesting to learn about Blum’s approach to sustainability, a subject very close to our hearts. Whether it’s the solar panels on their factory’s roof, the infinitely recyclable steel their products are made from, or the plastic-free teabags their staff use, it was obvious to us that sustainability is important to Blum as well. We also found out that their Austrian factory is carbon neutral. Their UK offices are well on the way to becoming the same.

Designed to last a lifetime

The most important takeaway for us was how much our core values aligned with Blum’s. When we design a kitchen we want it to be a pleasure to use. We want your living space to bring joy to the everyday. The way Blum design its components reflect this completely.

Functionality is the most important factor in design. It is important to us that your kitchen functions as you need it to, the key to its sustainability. We want our clients to love their kitchen, so it enjoys a long and happy life, not end up in a landfill within a few years. A long-lasting kitchen is a more sustainable one.

That’s why Blum offers lifetime guarantees on all its products. They are confident that the products they produce are not only the most functional but the longest-lasting in the industry.

sheffield sustainable kitchens blum hinge

Kitchen solutions

We love the functionality of their products, which is why we use a lot of Blum’s solutions in our kitchen designs. One product that our clients love is the Space Tower. It is comprised of internal pull out drawers that can be customised to your preferred layout. Each drawer can hold up to a maximum of 70kg and come in a variety of finishes to suit your kitchen design.

The kitchen drawers we install are usually Blum’s Antaro design. We love these because of their “feather-light” glide, produced from the low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers. Each drawer can hold between 30kg and 65kg meaning they are perfect for storing anything you may need in your kitchen.

Another popular Blum product we use in our kitchen designs is the Aventos hinge. These attach to cabinet fronts and open the doors upwards, lifting them out of the way. This type of hinge is particularly useful for top boxes or harder to reach storage areas.

Space Tower
Antaro drawers
Aventos hinges

Top Blum picks

Our Blum experience day gave us an invaluable overview of their latest innovative solutions for us to use in our designs. Our Head of Design, Pete, was especially excited about the new Space Step. This is fantastic for providing easy access to tall cabinetry and creating extra storage space behind plinths.

Marketing Executive Charlie loved the AMBIA-LINE organisational accessories. The dividers are perfect for separating out items in drawers and are magnetic so can be customised to whatever layout you prefer! The AMBIA-LINE dividers are also great for ensuring that items don’t move about when opening or closing the drawer.

Blum’s mission is to create simple yet highly functional components. We know we can rely on their integrity and which allows us to focus on the functionality of a kitchen design for our customers. Everyone wins.

Blum AMBIA-LINE drawer dividers

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