Sustainable Kitchens

What makes our core kitchen cabinets so sustainable?

So what makes the Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens core kitchen cabinets so sustianable? We are asked this such a lot, as you can’t tell by just looking, can you? 

Our standard kitchen cabinets are made from a special eco board, which is produced from 100% recycled timber. The recycled wood particles are set in a resin with a low formaldehyde content to create to create the solid surface.

We have the board melamine-faced to give it an outer layer, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. It’s important that the cabinets are easy to maintain to increase their longevity. A long lasting kitchen is a sustainable one. We build kitchens to last and a solid base of cabinet carcasses is key to this.

The eco board is pretty unique – no tree is felled in the production, so clearly a green option. It is a product with a low environmental impact and is also recyclable

As far as we’re aware, we’re the only kitchen company in the UK using this ultra-sustainable product. 

Manchester sustainable living kitchen with blue shaker doors and recycled glass worktops
sustainable kitchen cabinets
Cabinet Construction

But it’s not just the eco material that makes our core kitchen cabinets so sustainable. It’s also the way they are constructed.

The core cabinets base are solid and built to last.

They are constructed with an 18mm solid back panel and are glued and dowelled and set straight in a press for reinforcement. This process makes them much stronger than kitchen units that come flatpacked, for construction on site.

Super strong, they stay square and are well-made to form the basis of the rest of the kitchen built around them. Their rigidity ensures that the kitchen doors we hang on the fronts later are also sturdy. And it also helps them to remain square and well-aligned.

We create kitchens that are solid and built to last, so using these as a base for our kitchens is key.

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