Do you struggle to keep your kitchen organised? Read this useful guide for tips on how to help organise your kitchen. Sometimes better organisation is all a space needs to feel more functional. 

Organise your spices

Can you get to all of the spices you use on a daily basis? Sorting through your herbs and spices by putting the frequently used ones towards the front, can save you loads of time whilst cooking. A lot of our clients have opted for oak spice racks as a handy storage solution.

tips to help organise a kitchen larder with spice racks

Clear out under the sink

Start by getting rid of any empty containers you have down there, and bringing forward any products that will be used up soon. This will create more space and avoid leaving you with lots of half empty bottles. Anything you don’t use regularly put towards the back – it’s best to be able to see what you use the most, when you need it. 

Regularly organising the space beneath your sink is a great way to ensure that you keep on top of any leaks or damages that might appear. We install sink base liners as standard in all of our under the sink cabinets. This prevents any potential leakages from ruining the eco-board carcasses, and helps to keep your kitchen lasting longer.

tips for under sink kitchen cupboard with base liner and organised items
tips to organise kitchen sink cabinet

Make use of those awkward spaces

The areas around chimney breasts and pillars are often forgotten about, and overlooked when it comes to creating storage space. We understand that storage space is valuable in a compact kitchen, so we design kitchens to make the most of every centimetre of space. Adding some bespoke shelving, or making storage out of a shallow cabinet could be just what your kitchen needs to feel more organised! Are there parts of your kitchen that could be working harder for you?

corner pull out tips to organise kitchen cupboard

Get rid of unnecessary packaging

One of the best tips to organise your kitchen is to go through your cabinets. Have you got cupboards piling up with unnecessary packaging? Start by pairing it down. Glass jars are a great option for reorganising your kitchen cupboards. Not only are they much more sustainable than plastic, but they are transparent meaning that you are able to easily see everything at a glance.

tips to organise kitchen with food in glass jars
tips to organise kitchen with glass oil bottles
tips to organise kitchen pasta in glass sweet jars

Stack your pans! (Or hang them up)

Storing pots and pans can often be one of the biggest challenges when organising your kitchen. More often than not, piling them all into a cabinet isn’t the best use of space or functionality. Try changing up your pan storage by stacking them in a drawer instead. Many of our clients ask for deep drawers to do exactly this. Alternatively, if you are limited on space you could install a hanging pan rack.

pans hanging over range cooker for tips to organise kitchen

Sort out your cutlery drawer

If you ever look into your cutlery drawer and can’t instantly see what you need, then it needs to be reorganised. Cutlery trays are a fantastic way to organise your kitchen drawers as the separators provide different sections for each of your items. Dividing up your cutlery in a tray helps to keep your drawers looking beautiful and less cluttered.

Many of our clients opt for a bespoke cutlery tray as they add something extra special to their new kitchen, that they aren’t able to get off the high street. We are able to hand make these in a variety of timber including bamboo, reclaimed iroko and birch-ply.

cutlery tray displaying kitchen utensils
iroko cutlery tray with engraved sheffield sustainable kitchens logo

Pare down your cooking utensils that you keep near your hob

How many utensils have you got near your hob? If the answer is too many then try to strip some back. Having duplicates of utensils, or items that you don’t use often, can take up valuable worktop space near your hob. Take time to find a new home for what you don’t use and reorganise those utensils that you use on a regular basis.

kitchen utensils organised next to hob
utensils in pot next to hob

Utilise your highest cupboards

Items that you use all the time are not meant to be hard to reach. If you have tall cupboards, make use of the highest shelves by storing things that you only use occasionally. One of our clients made use of a high cupboard by using it to store their jam making equipment. Could you free up more accessible storage by moving lesser used items higher up?

Luxury bespoke kitchen
open kitchen cupboard with jam making equipment

Declutter your kitchen window sills

Let the daylight in. This tip is particularly important if you have glass window sills because clutter blocks out the natural light and prevents it from bouncing into the room.

compact kitchen with white slab doors
brass tap in reclaimed timber kitchen worktop

We hope this guide has been helped you with a few tips to better organise your kitchen. For more helpful advice on planning your kitchen visit our Advice Centre.

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