If you’re trying to maximise space in your new kitchen, we have a wealth of ideas for kitchen storage to help you. Space saving kitchen ideas can make a massive difference in a room where functionality is really crucial. 

Often pushed for space, we have to try and accommodate all those kitchen gadgets, supplies and equipment, whilst leaving space for food prep, dining and entertaining.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, there’s a lot that goes on in it. We design every kitchen from scratch and use smart solutions for maximising space in each one.

Ideas for kitchen storage


Slimline pull-outs

These can provide a neat solution to tiny spaces, really maximising storage. Due to their height, they are perfect for storing oil bottles, tea towels, dish soap and even spices! We can incorporate pull out storage into the narrowest of spaces, making use of every nook and cranny.

slim kitchen pullout


Corner pull-outs

Corner pull-outs are great if you are looking for ideas for kitchen storage. 

Storage cupboards in the room corners can be very frustrating in a kitchen. Are you able to see what’s right in the back of the cupboard? Can you reach everything you need with ease? 

Corner cupboards are often dark and awkwardly positioned. Ultimately they are a wasted space as they fail to function well. A great solution to the age-old corner cupboard dilemma is a pull-out.

Corner pull-outs mean you can pull out the entire contents of the cupboard and instantly see what you need. This eliminates the hassle of taking everything out just to reach the items at the back. 

The pull-outs we use are super strong and hold a whopping 50kg, so can really store almost anything you may need.

corner pullouts from above


Extra deep pan drawers

Do you struggle to fit all of your pots and pans into a kitchen cupboard? So do a lot of our clients. That’s why they opt for extra deep pan drawers. You can easily see everything you need, and have a lot more storage space.

Drawers are a great option if you want to be able to access the contents without bending down. They give you a good overview without straining your back.

pan drawer in oak new galley kitchen


High-level storage

Maximise your available storage space by looking upwards. Make use of your high ceilings by installing top box cabinets. Shelving or storage over a fridge freezer is another way of making use of dead space and is useful for things you don’t use on a daily basis.

This a good space-saving solution which can leave more room for frequently-used items at a more easily accessible level.

yellow kitchen cabinet with aventos hinges


Hide your microwave 

Microwaves are useful kitchen appliances, but finding one that fits with your kitchen design can be difficult.

Storing your microwave out of sight leaves more space on your worktop side for food prep and keeps things looking clean and tidy.

You could hide a microwave  inside a cupboard or pantry. 

open kitchen cabinet door revealing microwave in new grey painted shaker kitchen


Plate racks

Plate racks can be a fantastic addition to a kitchen. Not only do they look great but they are functional as well! You can easily access the plates you need without lifting them all out. 

From a purely visual perspective, they add interest and break up a line of cabinetry at eye level.

They also give you a chance to show off nice crockery!

bespoke oak plate rack mounted on kitchen wall

Space saving kitchen ideas


Make use of awkward spaces

The areas around chimney breasts and pillars are often forgotten about and overlooked when it comes to creating storage space.

Storage space is valuable in any kitchen, big or small. Think about having shallow cupboards or shelving designed to make every part of the kitchen functional. 

shallow kitchen cabinet with spices


Bespoke design your breakfast bar 

Incorporating a bespoke designed breakfast bar in your kitchen is a great idea for kitchen storage. Even a small breakfast bar can be designed to accommodate a pull-out bin, maximising space and allowing easy access.

Having a drop-down breakfast bar can also save space in a compact kitchen.

oak fold-down table on wall in green kitchen


Plinth heaters

The dead space below the cabinets is the perfect place to put a slim plinth heater and a great space saving kitchen idea.

It can warm your feet on a cold winter morning and take the chill off the room.

In summary

All of the above will help you make the most of your kitchen using some space saving ideas. We’ve got lots more up our sleeve, so get in touch if there is something particular you need help with or if you are looking for some specific ideas for kitchen storage. 

pale blue kitchen with glass kitchen cabinet doors

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