If you are looking for small kitchen ideas, look no further. We have bags of inspiration and ideas for the more compact or space-challenged kitchens. 

Small kitchen colour palette

A small kitchen looks best with a minimal colour palette, so as not to be overpowering in the room space. Lighter colours can make the space feel larger, while darker colours draw the space in, making your kitchen feel more cosy and intimate. 

Light affects your colour scheme a great deal too. Think about natural light: you can make a huge difference to the way your kitchen feels by increasing the amount of natural light coming in. 

Compact kitchen cabinetry

Compact kitchens need to work hard to make every bit of space count. It’s so important not to waste any nooks and crannies, and this is where getting a design for a bespoke kitchen really comes into its own. 

Bespoke cabinetry can utilise every last bit of space, as you are not restricted to pre-set cabinet heights and widths that are normally sold in kitchen shops. If you have an odd corner you’d like to use, or install extra tall cupboards all the way up to the ceiling, made-to-measure custom cabinetry is the way to go. 

blue and yellow kitchen
corner pullouts from above

Storage solutions are key

Storage is possibly one of the most important parts of small kitchen design. Thinking carefully about the contents of your kitchen – both need and wants – is vital at the planning stage.

The best solutions combine both open and concealed storage. In this way, you can hide away unnecessary visual clutter. Alongside, carefully placed open shelving allows you to keep the space feeling airy and not too enclosed. 

Decluttering your kitchen is a great place to start. Think carefully about everything you currently have in your kitchen and whether you can pare things down. The key thing is to make the storage work hard for you so there is no point in having to find room for things you could live without.


small kitchen storage

Storage solutions are key areas for small kitchen inspiration. Using cupboard pullouts can maximise space, or access to a space, to stop you from having to bend down or crouch to get things in and out. See a compact kitchen with lots of different storage options here.

Simple kitchen drawers are great for this too. There’s a reason why they’re so popular! They give you a quick overview of all the contents without the need to bend.

Pan racks can use hanging space at eye height to make use of what might ordinarily be dead space and also give you easy access to cooking pans used on a daily basis.

See more of this kitchen with pan rack here.

Seating and eating

Incorporating a seating space into your small kitchen is a bit of a challenge, but not impossible. Just a tiny high-level perching spot can offer both additional worktop space and seating – but you need to keep it compact!

Now that we are all spending much more time in our homes, and our kitchens, having the flexibility of seating — however small – makes a kitchen more sociable as well as flexible.

A pullout or flip-down table might be a workable option for you. See how this kitchen uses a flip down table as a way to seat seven in a small space. 

shaker kitchen with bespoke handmade oak pullout table

Lighting in small kitchens

Lighting is key for all kitchens, big or small. In a small space, good lighting can make a kitchen feel a bit more spacious. Opting for a pendant might not necessarily be the way to go, but a set of recessed spotlights can be a good alternative for ceiling lighting. 

Don’t forget task lighting for your prep areas. Sleek LEDs integrated flush into the underside of the wall cabinets are valuable for illuminating workspaces.

open bamboo shelving with led lighting strips in hexagon tiled kitchen
light blue handleless kitchen with brass tap and white tiled walls
bespoke small kitchen

Appliances in proportion

The appliances you choose for your small kitchen should ideally be in proportion with the rest of the room. There is no point in choosing a large American style fridge freezer if it will dominate the space that you have. 

It’s important to keep the room functional. There are great options for gas and induction hobs which don’t have to be large to work for you. Even Aga has a compact version in their range. No pun intended! See more on this compact kitchen here.

The very popular NEFF slide and hide oven has a door that retracts into the space below the opening, so that it takes up a lot less space when the oven door is open. It makes manoeuvring around the room much easier with hot roasting tins and baking trays. 

Consider going for integrated appliances if you’re wanting to keep the kitchen looking streamlined and unfussy. 

In conclusion

There are many aspects to consider when planning your small kitchen, and we have taken you through a few ideas. If you need more small kitchen inspiration, or would like to see more on storage ideas, or choosing sinks, worktops or taps, there is lots more helpful information on our advice page. 

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