So, you’re planning a new kitchen design. It’s hard to visualise it properly, isn’t it? It’s particularly tricky if you are so used to your existing space.

When you’re living in a space, and see it everyday, it can be difficult to take a step back and get a wider perspective.

Designs and Plans

Once you start getting designs and plans in for your new kitchen-diner or your kitchen extension, it might actually throw up even more questions in your head.

Sure, you have the drawings, or the designs, or the plans, but then you have to be able to read them in order to make key decisions. For example, do you really want the sink located under the window? Do you need more space building in between the cooker and the fridge? How many people do you want to be able to seat along the breakfast bar?

It can be much easier to answer these kinds of questions if you have some clear renders, or visualisations of your dream kitchen.

old kitchen
Old kitchen before building work

To kick-start your imagination when you’re planning a new renovation, we use realistic renders to make it as easy as possible to envisage your dream kitchen. 

When we first come out and chat to you about your kitchen plans, we take really detailed measurements of your existing space.

We then take these measurements back to the office and use them to draw up a detailed design, resulting in a realistic render like these three. 

Realistic Renders

Realistic visualisations can make a massive difference to your reading kitchen designs. They can help you understand how things are going to work, practically, as well as look and feel. 

We usually produce between 6 and 10 renders for each kitchen we design, depending on the size of the project. This enables us to show your project from all angles and give you a really good idea of how things would sit together.

3D kitchen design render
3D kitchen design render
3D kitchen design render
Turning Your Dream Kitchen Into A Reality

They also make that dream kitchen in your head, that one step closer to being real. Although none of these three kitchen renders above have become real yet…

But these three kitchens below are all real, and you can see them in full in our gallery. The renders on the left are the designs we showed our clients, and the images on the right are the final result. So you can see how close they can be.  

We hope this has been helpful in planning your new kitchen design. Come and test us out – give us a ring to talk us through the plans for your dream kitchen. We’ll help you to conjure it up!

Slide to reveal before (3D render) and after (photograph)

3D kitchen design render
iroko and dark painted wooden shaker kitchen
finished kitchen: victorian minimalist
3D kitchen design render
breakfast bar with shelving
finished kitchen: fresh grey with timber

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