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Colours of a modern kitchen 

A modern kitchen looks best with a minimal colour palette. It doesn’t have to be a monochrome black and white to work visually. A reduced selection of neutrals can be very effective. This  emphasises your kitchen layout and cabinetry.

Modern kitchen cabinetry

Modern kitchen cabinet design plays a significant role in how your modern kitchen will look. Sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic give your new kitchen a modern look and feel. A discreet and unobtrusive profile makes your eyes flow easily through the space.

sustainable kitchen peninsula with dekton worktop landscape

Islands in a modern kitchen

Adding a kitchen island to your modern kitchen design can help to give your room focus. Firstly, it provides you with a central space for your food preparation, cooking and baking. Secondly, it can help to divide a large, open-plan space into functional zones.

Click here for things to consider when planning a modern kitchen with an island.

modern kitchen with island and lights
modern kitchen island with induction hob
modern kitchen with long central island

Creating zones in a modern kitchen design

Part of the success of a modern kitchen design can be achieved by zoning the space into working and relaxing areas. 

Adding a kitchen island or peninsula to the layout can frame the design and break it into different zones. This is particularly important in open plan living. It is also helpful to divide a design into zones where a kitchen has been extended to create a bigger living space alongside.

A raised area along a kitchen island can create a screen to shield the “front of house” area with the food preparation zone. This can work well, ensuring that less tidy areas do not distract you then you are in a more “relaxing” zone.

Seating and eating

Modern kitchens need to be flexible and play host to a variety of activities. Incorporating a seating space into your modern kitchen design makes it work harder for you. In addition, it allows you to bring more action into the space. 

We are all spending much more time in our homes and our kitchens now. For this reason, having the flexibility of seating makes a kitchen more sociable as well as flexible. 

Whether you’re looking for a straight line of stools at a breakfast bar, or more of a central focus to gather around a type of high-line table, there is a solution for you. 

Think about how many people you would ordinarily like to seat, and whether there is enough space to make this work satisfactorily. A flip-down table might work better for you (click to see a kitchen with flip down table) or click here to see one with a tiny seating area.

kitchen with island design

Lighting in modern kitchen design

Lighting is key in modern kitchen design. Modern pendants can be a great feature, hung over a central kitchen island or peninsula, emphasising the focus of the room.

While they can be great to light the whole space, don’t forget task lighting over the worksurfaces. Sleek LEDs integrated flush into the underside of the wall cabinets are valuable for brightening up tucked away workspaces and easily forgotten corners.


open bamboo shelving with led lighting strips in hexagon tiled kitchen
birch ply shelving with led lighting

Plinth lighting is also great for emphasising the clean sleek lines of your modern kitchen cabinetry. By having all these lighting options on separate circuits, you can then engage them independently to create different moods and for different activities. 

Part of a modern kitchen after all, is that they are home to a whole range of activities aside from just cooking. We bet your kitchen sees some home working, entertaining friends and family, occupying children or crafting.

neff oven with added steam in small kitchen

Appliances in a modern kitchen design

Incorporating appliances into your modern kitchen design is crucial. Integrated appliances keep the kitchen looking minimal and streamlined. But it’s not just about the look! Think about the functionality when choosing your appliances and make sure they fit the way you work.

If you’re a really keen cook, there are lots of specialist functions you can now get with your hob or oven. If it’s been a while since you last purchased a hob, consider if an induction hob might suit you better. 

With their sleek lines and energy efficient output, induction hobs are a great safe option to have if you have small children or pets. This is because the cooking plates of induction hobs do not get warm to the touch and the controls come with a handy child lock.

built in siemens dishwasher in small kitchen

For larger appliances like washing machines or dishwashers, more than ever before, you should also think in terms of efficiency. You can look into this through the appliance ratings (see our article here on the new energy ratings in the UK).

Also consider appliances that can be scheduled to run during off-peak times to save up on energy costs. Besides, you can get appliances which are quieter and less disruptive in an open plan kitchen. 

“Quiet” or quieter appliances have seen a surge in popularity since the pandemic. When our kitchens became more multi-functional and home to a diverse range of activities, so grew the demand for more peace. 

Modern kitchens are homes are a space for living, not just cooking and eating. And all the clearing up afterwards!

Storage solutions for everything

Is it possible to have too much storage in a modern kitchen design? A combination of open and concealed storage works well in a modern kitchen design. 

Think about what you need to store within easy access of your main cooking area and what can be tucked a bit further away to make storage work hardest for you. 

Drawers work brilliantly in a modern kitchen design, giving you a quick overview of all your contents while helping keep things looking streamlined. They also reduce the need for you to stoop down to access things.

Click here to see our advice post on some modern kitchen storage solutions. 


kitchen pullout bins
kitchen larder storage

In conclusion

There are many aspects to consider when planning your modern kitchen design, from the layout and zoning to the kitchen cabinetry, storage solutions, lighting and appliances. We’ve run through a few considerations for your planning process, but there is a lot more helpful information on our advice page. 

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