Preparing for a kitchen renovation is the key to a smooth kitchen fit. Embarking on a kitchen renovation is an exciting prospect, but can be a massive upheaval.

It is something most of us do just once or twice in a lifetime and it is a project you want to do quickly and painlessly to minimise hassle.

By preparing for your renovation project, you can eliminate some of the stress and help things run more smoothly.

To help you prepare for a new kitchen being installed in your home, we have put together a few tips. Keep these in mind before your fit date, and you will have your dream kitchen before you know it!

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Tips to help you prepare for a kitchen renovation


Have a clear out


Before your kitchen renovation project starts in earnest, have a clear out and pare things down.

Empty your kitchen cupboards and drawers and put items out of the way in another room to avoid breakages.

Find a separate box for those things you need on a daily basis – you’ll need these to hand before your new kitchen is finished.


Remove curtains


Remove curtains, blinds and any other fixtures you don’t want to get dirty, dusty or damaged during the renovation.

If you have a light shade, don’t forget to remove this too and put it safe in another room. 

Before the new kitchen gets fitted, the old one needs to be ripped out and it’s easy to forget about the lampshade as it’s not always in your direct eyeline!


Prepare pets

Relocate pet bowls, ideally around 10 days before the fit is due to start.

This will give your pets get a chance to re-adjust before the changes start happening.

Animals can get stressed or confused during a renovation, so this should help to minimise this.


Create a new temporary kitchen zone

Create a new “temporary” kitchen or cooking area, perhaps in a corner of a nearby room. It’s handy to line up a camping stove, microwave, toaster, washing-up bowl, and a kettle.

We have a portable induction hob you are able to borrow if you would like. Let us know at the time we book your fit and we will reserve it for you.


Reduce excess and pare things down

Try to simplify the temporary washing up process for the period when you are without your kitchen.

One way to do this would be by gathering together eco-friendly disposable crockery and utensils to cut down on additional work.


Keep cooking simple

Plan simple meals, stock up on easy foods to prepare. Beans on toast could be the way forward!

Call in favours from friends and neighbours and plan in a few extra takeaways to take the pressure off cooking.

You can re-pay the favour by inviting your neighbours round when the kitchen renovation is finished.

tools on kitchen site


Expect some mess


Being realistic can help. Prepare for noise and dust and general disruption during the renovation. 

There are no two ways about it – there will be a certain level of dust and mess during your new kitchen fit.

Consider arranging to go away for a few days to break up the disruption.



Remember the end goal


Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Yes, it will be disruptive and is likely to go on for a bit longer than anticipated, but in the end you will have a kitchen that you really love, and that will last you for many years to come.

When all the dust has settled, you will be the proud owner of a fantastic kitchen and and able to enjoy the fruits of the renovation. 

You will be able to show off your beautiful new living space to friends and family, inviting them over to cook for them.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the mess, disruption and general upheaval, but do remember how pleased you will be in the end. But preparing for your kitchen renovation can definitely help keep that stress to a minimum.

No client has ever said they wished they hadn’t gone ahead with the renovation. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous kitchens we have created in our gallery here and focus on finished results.

While the pains are transient, the gains are huge. So many clients we have fitted kitchens for in the last year have told us what a massive difference it has made to their home lives. 

We are sure you will feel the same!

grey shaker u-shaped kitchen with white worktop

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