Kitchen interior design ideas can help make your new kitchen unique.

Some of our clients come to us with fully formed ideas of how they want their new kitchen to look, whilst many have a few ideas, but seek guidance in pulling their “look” and style together. 

For some clients, the kitchen is part of a wider home improvement project and part of a larger interior design consideration. For example, it might be part of an expansive kitchen extension, or a few different rooms may be being opened up to create a space that needs to read together visually. 

If you’re in need of some pointers to see the bigger interior design picture, it can be really helpful to engage an interior designer to start you on your journey. 

We asked Emma Rodgers, the owner of Lived in 365, to put together a few interior design tips to get your thinking process started. Lived in 365 is a Manchester-based Interior Design business creating beautiful spaces that are both enjoyable and practical to live in. 

Emma worked closely with one of our clients on their home in Chorlton, where part of the home improvement included kitchen design ideas for the fabulous Blue Shaker Kitchen with Recycled Glass. Clients have found Emma’s advice invaluable in creating a strong visual aesthetic for their new living spaces.

Over to the expert:

Tips for a unique kitchen – by interior designer Emma Rodgers

When it comes to planning a new kitchen, the choices can feel endless.  From cabinetry style to worktops and flooring, the number of combinations lead many of us to turn to tried and tested formulas to ensure that we don’t make a costly mistake on one of the most expensive rooms in our homes.

Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can prove a great source of inspiration but how do you avoid ending up with a kitchen that looks exactly like everyone else’s but will also stand the test of time?

At Lived In 365 we design each kitchen to suit our clients exactly and relish creating a room that feels completely unique.  Here are some of our kitchen design ideas to make your space stand out from the crowd.



With most people choosing to go for open plan living, flooring can be one of the biggest decisions you make in planning your new space.  

In a high traffic area like a kitchen, flooring is an important consideration of overall kitchen design. It needs to work for you and be durable as well as looking good!

In debating between the more traditional choices of wood, tile, laminate and luxury vinyl tiles however, we can overlook some more interesting options.

Cork, for example looks great in a modern space, is warmer underfoot than tile and companies such as Colour Flooring supply waterproof options that would work well in a kitchen and are compatible with underfloor heating.  Not to mention its green credentials!

Other sustainable alternatives include Marmoleum and Bamboo and if you’re looking for something with a real impact check out Foresso’s new timber terrazzo range.

foresso used as floor material in unique kitchen
Image credit: Foresso


Colour in kitchen design

We’ve come a long way in the last ten years from the ubiquitous white and cream kitchens of the start of the century, with blue and green being the most requested colours from clients today.

Two tone kitchens have also become much more common, with wall units often in a lighter colour to blend into walls or a colour pop island to act as a feature in the room.

The two tone kitchen interior design we developed on the right shows how stunning a combination of colour can be.

But the sky’s the limit when it comes to colour in your kitchen.  Why not consider adding colour in less obvious areas such as plinths and end panels.  And don’t forget the internals.  Who could fail to feel happy in the morning when you open your drawer to a pop of bright yellow?

blue two tone unique kitchen to illustrate interior design tips
A beautiful combination of colours in a two tone kitchen.



When it comes to worktop options today, we’ve come a long way from the old standards of laminate, granite and wood.  

In our kitchen designs we also love to mix a combination of worktops to add a different feel in each area. 

Recycled glass can be great around a cooking area whilst wood feels more homely on a breakfast bar. 

Or if you’re going for a more industrial look why not build your gas hob into a stainless steel worktop for a really striking look.

It’s really important to think through your worktop as a central part of your new kitchen design so that is a practical choice and not just an aesthetic one.

two quooker boiling water taps in recycled glass kitchen worktop
Recycled glass worktops look stunning, and are hard-wearing and sustainable.



As well as being extremely practical a splashback in a kitchen can also be a way to inject a real burst of personality into your kitchen.

Whilst subway or metro tiles in a brick bond format offer a really classic look, there are a myriad of ways in which you can lay the same cost effective tiles but achieve something more unique.  

Think laying patterns such as basketweave, combining a mix of colours to create something Mondrian-esque or using brightly coloured grout to create something completely distinctive without blowing the budget.

kitchen render with coloured grout to illustrate interior design ideas
A render to illustrate to a client how coloured grouting can impact a tiled splashback.


Lighting in kitchen design

Lighting is a much-neglected element in kitchen design, often left until last as an afterthought.  In fact, a good lighting scheme can really make or break a room scheme.

Many people add a huge grid of spotlights which can make the room feel a little like you’re trying to land an aeroplane.  It is well worth considering using a combination of different lighting sources to allow for different moods within the room.

In our designs we love to use a combination of lighting including pendants over an island or dining table, wall lights over the main counter run and surface mounted lights for tasks.  A simple pendant in an unexpected place, such as at the end of a worktop, can also add interest.

kitchen island with pendant lighting hanging above
A combination of wall lights and stylish pendants offer a range of lighting options.

We hope that these kitchen interior design ideas can help you make your new kitchen truly unique. A new kitchen is a big investment and one where it can be tempting to play it safe. By being a little more creative, you can create something that feels precisely tailored to you. For more helpful advice on planning your new kitchen, visit our Advice Centre.

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