Kitchen corner storage has historically been the bane of homemakers. The great news though is that modern kitchen design and storage solutions have come a long way. Today if you are planning to revamp your kitchen, there are a whole host of corner storage solutions that will fit your exact needs. 

You do need to be careful though. While it is tempting to incorporate everything that looks attractive into your kitchen, it is important to employ solutions that work well for your unique space. 

And so in this article, we will guide you through the most popular kitchen corner storage solutions available out there and why you should consider them for your kitchen. 

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Types of corner kitchen storage 

Let’s take a look at some modern kitchen corner solutions along with images of real kitchens that utilise them. This will give you an idea of how these corner kitchen storage solutions might work for your particular kitchen.

Slick run of cabinets to the ceiling

Perhaps the most practical and understated kitchen corner storage solution is a sleek run of cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling. 

In this gorgeous bespoke kitchen, the seamless transition of cabinets from wall to wall enhances the simple lines and natural materials used in the countertops. And the discreet under-cabinet lights brighten up a space that might otherwise be dark and uninspiring. 

The comfortable door handles and practical top-boxes feel user-friendly and efficient. And this singular design decision – to keep the corner storage units as modest as possible – becomes the core defining strength of this kitchen.

kitchen corner storage to ceiling

Design detail: full height cabinetry boxed in to ceiling

Kidney corner pullout

One of our favourite corner cupboard storage solutions is the kidney corner pull out. With its incredible weight-bearing capacity and smooth, heavy-duty sliding mechanism, this system is an ode to the joys of modern kitchen design.

Dusty shelves and long-expired cans of food become a thing of the past. No longer do you need to crouch down and dig things out before reaching for that pack of teabags sitting right at the back.

And the ease and convenience of the kidney corner pull-out system means that you are in absolute control of your kitchen storage at all times.

dekton kitchen worktop with sink

Design detail: two tier extending pullout

Swing corner pullout

Providing an easy-access solution to dark corner kitchen cupboards, the swing corner pull-out is another great way to organise corner kitchen storage.

Unlike the kidney corner pull out though, the swing corner pull out system utilises a set of divided shelving for your kitchen storage needs.

Usually this is in the form of two sets of double shelves, stacked one on top of the other. With the same heavy-duty, smooth sliding mechanism, you can store and organise all your kitchen sundries with ease.

This works particularly well if you like to use lots of smaller kitchen appliances with individual little parts that need to be stored together. 

The smaller, heavy-duty shelves mean that you can comfortably store your cake mixer along with the paddle attachment, whisk, dough hook and anything else you need in its own little zone without fear of losing any parts.

And when you feel like baking a batch of blueberry muffins, everything you need is right there at your fingertips. 

So if you are an avid fan of baking, the swing corner pull out might just be the solution for you.

swing kitchen corner pullout

Design detail:

fully extending two-tier pull-out

Combi open and closed units

One of the most popular ways to have open shelving installed in your kitchen is to opt for a combination of open and closed storage. In this way, you get the aesthetic appeal and ease of access of the open shelving; while at the same time, the practicality and minimalism of closed storage. 

We love how this kitchen uses a combined corner storage approach, using open shelves to create the perfect focal point while hiding away unsightly clutter inside the closed cabinets. 

There is more to how this unique kitchen corner has been carefully curated. The wall picks up colours from the soft furnishings of the sitting area, while the woodwork of the open shelving cleverly matches the internal door and skirting boards, tying the open-plan space into a unified whole. 

So the next time you think about open shelving for your kitchen corner storage, think right outside the box. The possibilities really are endless!

Design detail: combi-corner units

Bespoke corner cabinets to house appliances

kitchen corner storage

Design detail:

integrated microwave cupboard

One of our favourite kitchen corner storage solutions is bespoke corner cabinets that house appliances. 

Let’s face it, kitchen appliances can be big and bulky. Even the smallest microwave ovens can have a sizeable footprint. If you have a small kitchen, this space is all-the-more precious.

In situations like these, kitchen corners can give us a unique opportunity to maximise the space using bespoke cabinetry.

This bright little kitchen uses bespoke corner cabinetry to house the microwave in its own snug little cubby. This means less clutter and more working space on the countertops. 

It also means that the oven is neatly tucked away while still being within easy reach for everyday use. A win-win for everyone!

In conclusion

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how you can use kitchen corners to maximise the space and utility in your kitchen. Remember that every kitchen corner is different and it is best to reach out to a design professional to help you tailor a kitchen corner storage solution unique to your home.

If your kitchen needs some TLC, we can help you wherever you are across the United Kingdom. Simply reach out to us using this link. Meanwhile, click through our gallery to discover more real kitchens with unique storage solutions. 

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