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Is a Larder Cupboard a must for your New Kitchen?

Our customers are increasingly looking to incorporate a pantry or larder cupboard in their new kitchen. It’s a current trend that seems to be really taking off in kitchen design.

It evokes a traditional feel to your kitchen. It is also in line with the home-cooking trend we are currently seeing, and the increase in home produce and sustainable eating.

Good storage is key for storing ingredients for batch cooking. It is also vital for storing your finished supply of homemade jams, pickles and preserves.

Decades ago a larder was the cornerstone of any kitchen. It was often an adjoining room, with storage for dried goods and a meshed off area to keep dairy and meat cool and safe. As fridge freezers became more widespread in the earlier half of the 1900s, the larder was phased out, seen as being “old fashioned”. Now it’s seeing a revival in contemporary kitchens.

Maximise Storage in a
Smaller Kitchen

You don’t need a massive kitchen to incorporate a larder.

Building one into the design of your smaller kitchen is definitely worth considering  – it can be a very efficient use of space.  

Essentially, a small larder has exactly the same footprint as a base cabinet, It takes up no more floorspace, but it has the potential to run from floor to ceiling. 

This Blum Spacetower is a modern take on a larder is only 60cm wide, but really maximises the space. 

Tucked neatly into this alcove space, the pullout drawers allow you to get to the back of each unit and use every centimetre.  

Integrated or Freestanding?

Give some thought as to whether you want the larder to flow seamlessly into the rest of your kitchen with a more integrated approach. Or maybe you’re looking for a more freestanding look and feel.

Choosing to go integrated will give you more flexibility if you’re looking to incorporate lighting or electrical appliances into your unit, like this one on the right.

Housing a microwave inside your larder is a neat storage solution for something you don’t use frequently. Tucking it away out of sight gives your kitchen cleaner lines and frees up space on the work surface.

However, if you opt for a freestanding approach, then you can have the larder painted the same colour as the rest of the kitchen, to match in.

This kitchen incorporates a great example of an integrated larder.

Inside the Larder

A well-designed larder combines a good array of storage and can give you an instant overview of all your dried goods and supplies. Locating spice racks on the insides of the cupboard doors can be a really useful feature. It gives instant access to those ingredients you use most often.

The layout of the interior of the larder, and the choice of drawers and pull-outs will depend to a certain degree on what you intend to keep in it and what type of a cook you are. We can advise you on what you might want to consider if you need a few helpful suggestions.

The larder in this kitchen is a prime storage area for food supplies.

Good storage is an essential part of any kitchen, and considering it properly at the design stage is key for getting it right for you. If the kitchen functions well, it will be a joy to be in for many years.


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