Are you thinking about a new living space? Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, in order to start drawing up plans and designs for you, we’re going to need some basic information and measurements from you to kickstart things. 

Once you have got in contact with our design team to enquire about your project, we will send you out a digital pack with the information we need from you to start putting our designs together. One of these things is the measurements of the existing space.

You might be wondering how to measure for a new kitchen. To help you to collect the measurements we need, we have put together this quick guide. By following these 5 simple steps, we aim to walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible. 

If you have any questions while doing this, please do call us and one of our team will be happy to help you.

kitchen fitter installing cabinet

What you will need:

Remember: write down all your measurements in millimetres (mm)

paper pencil and tapemeasure on table


Step One:


Using the pencil, draw an outline of the shape of your kitchen, including any windows, doors and permanent fixtures, such as pillars or alcoves. This should look like an overhead view of the whole room. Label all windows and doorways, as in the image.


how to measure a kitchen floor plan step 1


Step Two:


Now, using your tape measure, make a note of your kitchen’s dimensions. Start from one corner and move round in sequence to make sure you don’t miss anything. Measure walls, windows and doorways.

When measuring windows and doors, please include the door or window frame in the measurement, so measure out from these. It’s helpful to show which way the doors open.

how to measure a kitchen floor plan step 2


Step Three


Now we need to look at the windows in more detail. You should have measured window widths in step two. Please now measure sill heights and sill depths, and mark these dimensions on to the plan. Remember to include every window in your kitchen. 

how to measure a kitchen floor plan step 3


Step Four:


Mark on a boiler if there is one, and any radiators in the room. We don’t need to know the dimensions of the boiler, just the approximate location. Please mark the height, width and depth of any radiators.

how to measure a kitchen floor plan step 4


Step Five:

The last information we need is about ceilings and floors. Please note on the plan any steps in the kitchen or differences in floor levels. 

Measure the ceiling height and mark it on the plan. Please also note any visible differences in ceiling height, for example if part of your ceiling includes a beam or RSJ, or if there is a sloping roof. 

how to measure a kitchen floor plan step 5

Brilliant! You’re done. Now you need to take a photo of your plan and send it to us, so we can take your project to the next step.

We hope that this step by step guide on how to measure for your new kitchen has been helpful. For other useful advice check out our Advice Centre.

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