Green kitchen inspiration: ideas for your new kitchen

Green is emerging as one of the go-to colours in interior design. Here a load of green kitchen ideas for you, no matter which shade you prefer. Whether you’re thinking about a bold olive or a more subtle shade of sage or mint, there is a shade of green out there for you and your kitchen.

The colour green is associated with nature, something we are all yearning for more in our lives. Green embodies growth, renewal and freshness. Psychologically, green has been proven to have a calming effect on us. It can even reduce stress and anxiety, similar to the effect of being outdoors in nature.

Green is a versatile colour and can be paired well with others, such as white, pink, grey, brown and blue. It also looks stunning with timber and natural finishes and is a great colour for any kitchen, whether it’s a traditional or a contemporary design.

Whether you choose to use green as the main colour for your new design, or just as an accent, the ideas below will hopefully give you some inspiration for your new space.

sustainable kitchen with runda doors

Bringing green into your kitchen

Green kitchen cabinetry

olive green kitchen

Green cabinetry looks fabulous in any kitchen. A sage green kitchen palette paired with muted earthy tones and pale timber creates a warm and homely design, giving a natural feel to a room.

A gorgeous olive kitchen colour-matched to the Farrow and Ball shade Bancha is stunning. Combined with a warm bamboo worktop and clean bright white tiles, this kitchen palette works really well.

In contrast, fresh pale green shaker cabinetry makes a kitchen feel light and bright. Paired with oak worktops, shelving and a flip-down dining table, a lighter shade makes a compact kitchen feel more spacious.

Green kitchen splashbacks

full span green splashback

A green kitchen does not have to mean full-on colour with wall-to-wall green cabinetry. Adding just a pop of green in the form of a glass splashback can bring an element of freshness and a lovely focus to your space. Think about colour-matching the splashback to your favourite shade of green to bring the colour to an otherwise neutral palette.

A green backsplash in a compact space can complement the green of the plants on a windowsill, emphasising nature. An expansive green splashback along the span of a worktop not only adds colour but bounces light around the room.

Green kitchen worktops

modern farmhouse kitchen

Another on of our green kitchen ideas is to choose a green worktop for your kitchen. Recycled glass worktops are available in any shade of green and can be colour-matched to your favourite hue. A glass countertop is not only sustainable but also a stunning way to enhance your space.

A horizontal addition of green can lift the feel of the room without choosing full-coloured cabinetry. The colour can be used as a great complement to a variety of other colours in the overall kitchen design.

Green decor

grey shaker with wallpaper

Choosing green cabinetry isn’t the only way to bring the colour green to your space. If you love green and want to use it in your kitchen, think about an accent wall. Hanging green wallpaper brings in the colour in a subtle way.

Alternatively, try combining pale mint cabinetry with a darker green wall. This will add depth to your colour scheme. Painting an accent wall adds cosiness to a corner and contrasts with any timber or lighter elements of the room.

Green kitchen appliances

mint green mini ago oven

Accessorising with the colour green is another approach to using the colour in your kitchen. A cute mint Aga is a lovely addition to a compact kitchen, bringing a pop of colour to the small room.

A palette of subtle greens in a shaker kitchen works really well and can be complemented by a statement appliance in a similar shade, like a Smeg fridge.

Bringing nature inside

plants and kitchen decor on bamboo open shelving

An alternative way of bringing in green is to actually bring nature into the room. You could grow living herbs on your kitchen windowsill or bring plants into your space. Either way, you’re benefitting from the calming effect of nature in your home.

Or you could use big picture windows or bifold doors to allow quicker access to the garden and let your eye wander to the garden space beyond your kitchen.

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can embrace green in your home, whether you choose a shade of green cabinetry or a more subtle way of bringing green into the colour palette. Green is a timeless colour, which works well in a traditional kitchen or a contemporary one. We hope these have been helpful green kitchen ideas.

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