If you are looking for eclectic kitchen inspiration, look no further. We have bags of ideas to help you curate your perfect eclectic kitchen. 

Eclectic kitchen design is all about mixing your favourite colours, materials, styles and textures. By doing this, you’ll create a space that is truly unique to you and your home. In essence, if you have an eclectic kitchen, there will truly be no other kitchen quite like yours. 

In this article, we cover the core aspects and design decisions that you should be thinking of when wanting to achieve an eclectic vibe. 

Eclectic kitchen colours

The beauty of an eclectic kitchen is that it gives you true artistic license to play around with colour. There really are no rules that govern your colour scheme! You truly are the master of your colour preferences and that’s what makes eclecticism such a powerful design choice.

One of the reasons why this freedom of choice is so great is that it brings an element of fun into your kitchen design. You can really go to town and follow your passion. 

The colour is not restricted to any particular location within your kitchen either. You can be playful with your kitchen tiles, splashbacks, flooring or worktop. Or you can incorporate something as simple as a painted feature wall. 

This quirky kitchen is the perfect example of bold colours and you can find plenty more eclectic kitchen colour inspiration in our gallery here. 

Design detail: Bold palette of assorted colours

Design detail: contrasting individual door colour

Eclectic materials

Using a combination of different materials and textures is a fantastic way to bring an eclectic feel to your kitchen design. These elements can pervade multiple surfaces, zones, furniture, cabinetry and more. 

This rich, warm kitchen boldly embraces a multitude of colours, textures and finishes. The result is an effortlessly functional and welcoming space. See more of this kitchen here

eclectic kitchen materials

Design detail: Industrial pendants

Design detail: mix of materials

Design detail: mix of open and closed units

Mixing the old and the new

Eclectic kitchen design can also be achieved by mixing different eras to create a unique and ethereal space. Your design choice is governed by nothing but what you love the most. When playing with time, you are the curator and chronicler of your own story. You can choose to write it however you want. 

This resplendent kitchen in Manchester combines the best of period charm with modern kitchen design choices. The result is a singular family room that delivers on so many levels. 

From the seating to the lighting to the food preparation zones and more, wherever you look, this kitchen is a true feast for the eyes. And it is all thanks to its eclectic design that resides at the heart of its construction.

feature splashback with tiles behind aga

Design detail:

characterful backsplash tiles

Design detail: Clean, modern lines offset

by traditional Aga and clothes airer

Eclectic lighting

Kitchen designers will tell you that kitchen lighting is not to be taken lightly (pun intended!)

If you are curating an eclectic kitchen for yourself though, you are in luck because you can truly think outside the box for your lighting choices. And since you are not restricted to rigid styles, structures and placement of lighting, you can really experiment with whatever catches your fancy.

We love how these dainty pink fairy lights illuminate the eclectic collection on these open shelves. The best bit? Since they’re not permanent, you can change them up whenever you want!

Or if you are a fan of the industrial look, you can really go to town with concrete feature lights or wide metallic fixtures that work perfectly both as zone and as feature lighting.

One thing is important though, and that is to have healthy quantities of light. You definitely don’t want to sit or work in a dark corner when it comes to your kitchen!

So whatever size, style, colour, design or placement of eclectic lighting you choose, just remember to have ample light to help you perform your daily tasks comfortably.

painted shaker L-shaped kitchen

Design detail: Cosy fairylights to illuminate

a collection of intimate trinkets

Kitchen storage: thinking eclecticly

new freestanding galley kitchen with oak units

Design detail: Open shelving that

showcases eclectic contents

Design detail:

bold wall colour

Your kitchen’s cabinets and choice of storage are another area where you can bring plenty of eclecticism into your kitchen. 

As per the core philosophy of eclectic design, you don’t need to stick to any fixed style or type of storage. The world is your oyster. This means you can choose a selection of any type of cabinetry and shelving to give your kitchen an eclectic look and feel. 

This is also where bespoke design truly comes into its own. Using a combination of made-to-measure cabinets and older vintage ones can create a lovely space that is truly unique to you and your tastes.

Watch out though because truly open kitchen storage is not for the faint of heart. In this kitchen, the minimal cabinetry effortlessly brings a hefty dose of the eclectic. Nothing is hidden behind closed doors and the very spirit of the kitchen is exposed.

Design detail: wine boxes double as shelving

If you fancy open shelving in your eclectic kitchen but are not feeling quite so courageous, we recommend a combination of open shelving and closed cabinets. This combination will give you all the feels you want without having everything out on display.

This kitchen uses a mixture of open and concealed storage. Coupling this with quirky feature shelving and an industrial pan rack to inject oodles of eclectic personality into its interior. 

Eclectic kitchen appliances

If you don’t want to change the core of your kitchen, but still want to bring eclectic vibes into your decor, colourful appliances are a great way to go.

Appliances can range from big to small, integrated to freestanding to vintage. No matter what size or type of appliance you are considering, you can be sure to find a style that will add to the eclectic aura you are after.

This kitchen makes terrific use of two large appliances, an Aga and a fridge, to splash a punch of colour into its interior. 

You could also use vintage or freestanding appliances, bringing an industrial feel to a more polished run of cabinetry.

eclectic kitchen appliances

Design detail: Freestanding glossy appliances

contrast with timber cabinetry

Design detail: bespoke open shelving

for displaying treasures

Eclectic accessories

tiles as splashback

Design detail: Open shelving

displays personal treasures


Your kitchen itself might have a static theme, but you can still dip your toes in eclecticism without investing too heavily. You can do this by playing around with eclectic accessories.

Here, open shelving is your friend because it can help you curate and display your favourite things effortlessly. If you don’t have open shelving though, you can use the run of your countertops, bar, tables or any other horizontal surfaces. You can also hang eclectic accessories from your walls for similar effect.


eclectic kitchen accessories

Design detail: Curation of

eclectic pottery and artwork

This beautiful bamboo kitchen has a uniform, harmonious base that combines greens and browns at its core. You would think this is far from eclectic. 

But by simply accessorising the kitchen with favourite pottery, vases, picture frames and plants, a truly eclectic space is born that is both rich, warm and playful.

In conclusion

We hope you have found the ideas in this article useful and that it has inspired you to try your hand at eclecticism as an interior design choice too.

For more ideas, we always recommend creating a design board on Pinterest. Don’t forget to pin this article to your board for quick reference. 

Meanwhile, check out the eclectic kitchens in our kitchen gallery at this link.

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