If you’re planning a new kitchen, you might be thinking about what you could do with your old kitchen. We are often asked by our clients how we would suggest to recycle their old kitchen before starting their renovation project. 

As a business that holds sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we encourage our clients to find a way to dispose of their old kitchens sustainably. That might be selling it to a new owner, or donating the kitchen to rehome it.

You may not be planning to discard the entire kitchen, as there may be parts of it that are still functioning well. Many of our clients ask us to design a new kitchen that incorporates their existing appliances or just update parts of their existing kitchen. 

Have a good look at your current kitchen and work out which bits of the kitchen you might donate or rehome.

Re-homing your whole kitchen

Used Kitchen Exchange and Used Kitchen Company

If your whole kitchen is in great condition, the first thing you could consider is listing it on the Used Kitchen Exchange (UKE) or the Used Kitchen Company (UKC).

Both businesses sell used and ex-display kitchens to reduce the number of kitchens going to landfills. Working in a similar way to estate agents, UKE advertises kitchens on behalf of homeowners to support the second-hand kitchen market.

Alternatively, you can look into selling your kitchen (or giving it away) on other online sites. It goes without saying that you must ensure the kitchen and/or appliance is of good working order, clean and safe before you offer it out elsewhere.


Freecycle is a movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free. Ever heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? This is the philosophy of Freecycle.

The Freecycle platform encourages people to pass on their unwanted belongings so that they can be reused by someone else. It aims to keep items out of landfills. Just sign up and advertise your kitchen. There is a large and grateful community of freecyclers out there!

Advertising locally online

Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and Nextdoor are other great online platforms to advertise your kitchen locally. You write a listing for whatever it is you’re wanting to re-home, along with photos of the item and details of condition and a price. By listing your kitchen on one of these sites, there is a good chance that you will find someone who will gladly take it off your hands.

man installing kitchen

Re-using elements of the kitchen

If only parts of your kitchen are in good condition, it’s important to consider if you can reuse any elements. If you have items that are in good condition it’s always better for the planet to reuse them.

Re-use cabinets

Do you need cabinetry anywhere else? Reusing kitchen cabinets in your utility room, garage or shed is a great solution to add extra storage without the extra cost. As part of a new project, we often move cabinetry to another space in the house. Cabinets can be more practical in a utility or cellar, even if they look tired and worn.

Re-use the appliances

A lot of our clients are keen to keep some of their existing appliances. This is something we are always happy to do. There is nothing sustainable about getting rid of a perfectly working appliance. So if you really love your tap, or have a fridge that you can’t bear to part with – keep them! We are more than happy to incorporate them into your new kitchen design.

kitchen with stainless steel sink and slab doors
Our clients chose to keep their free-standing sink and dishwasher unit, and fridge freezer. We incorporated both into the new kitchen design – you would never know they weren’t brand new!

Recycling elements of your kitchen


Are your worktops recyclable? Wooden worktops can be given a new lease of life. Try refinishing them or turning them into something useful. You should also look into whether your worktop can be recycled by the manufacturer. Our recycled wood, recycled glass and recycled plastic worktops can all be recycled post-use by their manufacturers.


If the doors of your kitchen are solid wood, these can be recycled. We have had clients chop down the wood to make planters or other furniture.

As a final option, you can choose to put anything unusable in your skip. We use Fletchers Waste Management on all of our Sheffield projects – but have no fear! You’ll be relieved, and possibly amazed, to hear that 98% of the waste that arrives at their Sheffield facility is recycled rather than being committed to landfill. Find out more.

recycled plastic worktop in colourful kitchen
The recycled plastic worktop, upstands and splashback in this Sheffield Sustainable Kitchen can all be recycled post-use by the manufacturer.

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